9mm Bullets

9x19 Bullets for Reloading

This page is full of products that contain only the bullet portion of ammunition. It's meant for shooters who reload their own ammo. If you wanted rounds ready to fire, please visit our 9mm ammo page here.

The 9mm is where a lot of handloaders start out, if only because the 9mm is in such high demand as America’s favorite pistol cartridge.

As with factory loads, 9mm bullets for reloading usually weigh 115, 124, or 147 grains. The heaviest bullets are typically loaded to subsonic muzzle velocities, while the lightest ones can perform in excess of 1,200 fps. (Extremely lightweight 88 grain bullets can easily be loaded to crack 1,500 fps.) FMJs are of course the target shooter’s go-to, but an abundance of .355 diameter JHP bullets are also available to load self-defense cartridges.

9mm Luger bullets move at relatively high velocities, and slow burning powder achieves that by exerting continually rising pressure against the bullet in the barrel. It is also possible to use fast burning powder to make a light load. Just so long as you stay under SAAMI’s max pressure of 35,000 psi, you can experiment a little with powders to get a round you really like.

Take care that chamber designs can vary significantly across different 9mm handguns. It may take some trial and error to determine the exact overall length your particular handgun prefers.

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  1. Berry's 9mm (.356" Diameter) 124 Grain Plated RN-DS – 1000 Count

    Regular Price: $87.85

    Special Price: $69.85

    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 7.0¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 124 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 9mm
    Quantity 1000
    Bullet Type Plated Round Nose
    Manufacturer Berry's
    Manufacturer SKU 19324

    Berry's 9mm 124 grain Plated Round Nose projectiles are a great choice for affordable range loads. These bullets are swaged and plated to final weight and then re-struck to ensure accuracy and precision. Copper plated bullets are more affordable than jacketed bullets but are better on your barrel than tradition lead round nose projectiles.

    Note: Plated Bullets are not recommended to exceed 1,200 feet per second.

    Widener's also offers quality brass, primers and powders to help you make the perfect custom loads.

    **This is not loaded ammunition.**

    Customer Reviews

    Great products

    Very quick service and great products

    Review by 9mm (Posted on 10/10/2021)

    9mm 124 grain projectiles

    Great product, had issues with packing with the shipper, but wideners corrected the issue fast and had my bullets to me in a few days.

    Review by Craig (Posted on 10/6/2021)

    I haven’t used the bullets yet but they look great and we’re shipped out quickly.

    The whole transaction was very smooth.

    Review by Donald (Posted on 9/22/2021)

    Great bullets.Reloaded 300 rounds to try.They're accurate and well made.

    These are great bullets for the shooting range Accurate well made and great tolerances.

    Review by Gino (Posted on 9/19/2021)

    Great product

    Will buy again

    Review by Steve (Posted on 9/5/2021)

    Berry’s makes good bullets.

    I’ve used there stuff in past and ya can’t go wrong with it. I recommend Berry’s, good for making range ammo.

    Review by michael (Posted on 8/16/2021)


    I am very please with all Berry Products. This was my first order with Widener's, however not my last. Widener's on-line ordering was easy. I was impressed with their service.

    Review by Mitch (Posted on 7/26/2021)

    Great price and fantastic shipping!

    These bullets are great!...They are accurate.

    Review by Dan (Posted on 5/3/2021)

    Your products are as always top notch

    They Shoot straight, do not foul the bore.

    Review by Art (Posted on 5/3/2021)


    Bullets are great, no problems with them. The only thing that would make my purchase better would be free shipping. With supplies hard to find at local stores, had to start buying online more.

    Review by Michael (Posted on 5/3/2021)

    Great bullets, but I need primers!

    I have been reloading for almost 50 years, and it's one of my very few guilty pleasures! These bullets work great! The only thing I wish is that you guys had some dang primers, as I'm out! Anyway, these are great bullets!

    Review by Gunrunner (Posted on 5/2/2021)

    Stocked up

    Haven't used these yet. But with a bix this big, I'm not worried about running out at the range!

    Review by Jon (Posted on 5/2/2021)

    Product looks great

    Just waiting on the price of primers to go back to normal before I start loading again.

    Review by RickyBobby (Posted on 5/2/2021)

    A lot better than I expected

    Very good quality for the money. I will buy again when I can get some more small pistol primers.

    Review by Chester (Posted on 5/2/2021)

    Reasonable price for a quality product.

    Nice to see reloading components finally starting to become available again. Will continue to search for the best deals.

    Review by Mitch (Posted on 5/2/2021)

    Great Bullets

    I’ve been using Berry’s bullets for many years in competition pistol and carbine shooting events. Hard to beat for the quality and price. No lead is exposed and they are consistent and shoot clean.

    Review by Tom (Posted on 5/2/2021)

    Perfect reloading bullet for plinking

    Been using Berry's bullets for years when reloading target loads.

    Review by Ron (Posted on 5/2/2021)

    Excellent bullet at good price

    Berry's bullets have always preformed well for me and to find them at a fair price at this time is a welcome surprise. Now, ,,,,,if I just had more primers........

    Review by JAC (Posted on 5/2/2021)

    Outstanding bullets for 9 mm

    Outstanding bullets. Berry double struck have given excellent results in 3 gun comp, IDPA, and serious practice. The winner's circle if you do your part. Good prices too.

    Review by Alex (Posted on 5/2/2021)

    Great value and a quality product!

    These bullets are a great value to train with and get you shooting at the range. I usually cast my own bullets but with these prices why waste the lead and time.

    Review by Nathan (Posted on 5/2/2021)

    packaged well

    as expected, good quality and box was all intact

    Review by dave (Posted on 3/29/2021)

    Quick shipping, arrived on time

    I haven’t reloaded with these exact bullets yet, but I have with the .45s I received from them and I don’t suspect these will be any different. Quick shipping, good product

    Review by Ethan S (Posted on 3/28/2021)

    RN not my favorite but the price and service were very good.

    Weight was pretty consistent, price was good especially in these times and shipping was very fast. would order again as soon as i find some primers.

    Review by Brother (Posted on 3/25/2021)

    Great product at a good price! Especially during these times!


    Review by Rob (Posted on 3/24/2021)

    Great practice bullet

    Great for practice and plinking loads

    Review by Bill (Posted on 3/2/2021)

    Excellent bullets

    Been using Berry’s plated bullets for some time - the 124 g round nose does a good job

    Review by Smokey (Posted on 7/15/2020)

    Nice bullets

    Found these easy to load, very consistent weight. Light to mid-range had best accuracy out of my Glock. 1911 liked juicier loads.

    Review by Tom (Posted on 4/26/2020)

    Nice Lookin Bullets

    These 124 bullets are great shooters, I loaded some for a 9mm carbine, they shoot great and are very accurate. Wideners gives great service and quick delivery.

    Review by CW (Posted on 1/10/2020)

    Nice Lookin Bullets

    These are good looking bullets. I haven't had a chance to load any as of right now. They look like they will do the job

    Review by CW (Posted on 11/11/2019)

    Great Bullets at a Low Price

    Reloaded these for general purpose range use, competition, and defensive handgun drills. They are excellent for the price, haven't had any issues at all. Clean to handle being fully plated. Using Hodgdon Titegroup, exact load data was on hodgdon's site. Will order again!

    Review by MoldyMayo (Posted on 7/5/2019)

    Great bullets at a Great Price!! .. Top Quality

    Great bullets at a Great Price!! .. Top Quality

    Review by Gk (Posted on 11/13/2017)

    Great heads

    Great quality heads. Clean to handle. Hard copper jacket feeds better than the plastic coated bullets. Have shot thousands of them and I will be buying more.

    Review by JCB (Posted on 9/17/2017)

    Berry's 9MM 124 Grain

    This was the first time I have ever ordered from you and I guarantee that I will order from you again. The 9MM 124 Grain Plated RN-DS works perfectly in my S&W M&P. I highly recommend this product and company. They shipped it within 24 hours of ordering. Can't say enough good stuff about you.

    Review by CGD (Posted on 12/26/2016)

    Gorgeous plating over beautiful shape cast lead

    I cast lead for 9mm and tumble lube. I enjoy the process but reloading can be a little slower due to sizing and lubing. I wanted an alternative to speed up reloading on my turret press when I get a little short of completed 9mm rounds on hand or short on time. These are perfect! If I wasn't so invested into casting, I'd probably shoot these exclusively when at the range. Man they load slick and repeatable and are perfect for ranges that require no exposed lead.

    Review by mhammer (Posted on 8/25/2016)

    These Are Great Bullets

    These bullets are great, the finish is excellent and feed consistently in a Glock 19 and a WW II Walther P-38. Will buy more.

    Review by Gary (Posted on 6/5/2016)

  2. Berry's 9mm (.356" Diameter) Bullets 147 Grain Plated Round Nose - 1000 Projectiles

    Regular Price: $94.85

    Special Price: $84.85

    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 8.5¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 147 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 9mm
    Quantity 1000
    Bullet Type Plated Round Nose
    Manufacturer Berry's
    Manufacturer SKU 47636

    Berry's copper plated projectiles are a great choice for your custom range loads. Each bullet in this box of 1000 is a 147 grain copper plated Round Nose (RN). At Berry's each bullet is swaged and copper plated to final weight, then each projectile is re-stuck to ensure consistency. These copper plated projectiles will not foul your barrel like cast lead bullets and they are more affordable than jacketed projectiles.

    Note: Plated Bullets are not recommended for velocities over 1200 feet per second.

    Don't forget to check out Widener's great selection of Brass, while you're here.

    **This is not loaded ammunition.**

    Customer Reviews

    Haven't loaded yet!

    Haven't loaded yet but have heard nothing but good on Berry's bullets.

    Review by Digger (Posted on 10/10/2021)

    super and fast

    super fast .......

    Review by swampy (Posted on 4/9/2021)

    Excellent product and service

    Great bullets as usual, and great service and prices aren't jacked up.

    Review by Daniel (Posted on 4/4/2021)

    The Good Stuff

    What can I say, Berry's is the standard for competition who reload. Get some!

    Review by spara (Posted on 3/31/2021)


    Wish you had more


    Hey there Tim! Be sure to keep checking out our website to see when we have more in stock, or give us a call.
    We would be happy to help!



    Review by Tim (Posted on 3/22/2021)

    Quick delivery, product as expected

    I was amazed at how quickly these arrived. Great service as always.

    Review by Matt H (Posted on 1/26/2021)

    Great plinking ammo

    Great round to get for reloading

    Review by Rob (Posted on 12/20/2020)

    Couldn’t believe I found them on stock and at pre pandemic prices

    Berry’s bullets. Enough said. Quality product. I was glad to see Widners had them in stock and weren’t price gouging like everyone else. Thank guys. Now how about some primers? (Unicorns)

    Review by Ken (Posted on 12/20/2020)

    Great bullets! Yes, I'll order more. Nuff said!!

    Used these bullets to make some light recoil loads for Steel Challenge. Worked great! Yes, I'll buy more! Oh, and a good price, too!!

    Review by BubbaB (Posted on 3/22/2017)

  3. Berry's 9mm Bullets 115 Grain Plated RN DS – 1000


    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 8.6¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 115 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 9mm
    Quantity 1000
    Bullet Type Plated Round Nose
    Manufacturer Berry's
    Manufacturer SKU 36002

    Berry's bullets are a great choice for your next batch of custom range loads. Each projectile in this box of 1000 is a 115 grain copper plated round nose that has been double struck. These bullets have swaged lead cores and are then copper-plated. After copper-plating, every projectile is re-struck to ensure that the plating is consistent and the sizing is accurate. Berry's bullets is a family owned company and their products are made in the USA.

    Note: Copper-plated bullets are not recommended for velocities over 1,200 feet per second.

    While you are here be sure to check out our selection of 9mm Brass.

    **This is not loaded ammunition**

    Customer Reviews

    5 star

    Great guick service at good price

    Review by Cd0 (Posted on 10/11/2021)

    Great bullets…

    Just got 2K of these copper clad 115g 9mm bullets. Should do great!

    Review by Jeff (Posted on 9/22/2021)

    Berrys, super quality!!

    Wideners has a super great selection of reloading components at very fair prices. I have been a Firearms instructor and range safety officer and FFL holder for over 40 years. I appreciate quality at a good price, Wideners is top shelf!! Many Thanks Big Daddy M1

    Review by Big Daddy M1 (Posted on 8/23/2021)

    Great buy, Ship fast!!

    Will buy Barry’s again.

    Review by Waro (Posted on 3/21/2021)

    Quality of bullets was great lousy packing

    Received 2 small damaged open boxes in a larger damaged open box bullets were everywhere probably only got 75% of my bullets

    Review by Lousy packaging (Posted on 10/28/2020)

    No issues!

    Arrrived quickly, very well packaged. Ez to load and easier to shoot. Love the cost to value ratio. Thanks!

    Review by Arthur (Posted on 10/28/2020)

    Very consistent

    Found these bullets to be exceptionally consistent. I weighed random pulls and never had one that varied more than .2 grains from 115. Mid-range loads were most accurate. Mouse puffs not so much.

    Review by Tom (Posted on 4/26/2020)

    Shipping charge is outrageous!

    The price was great. Cheapest I found when they were on sale. The shipping cost that is charged was outrageous. It made the deal not so good. I think it was $18 for shipping. Tried to add more boxes, it added another shipping charge for every box. If the shipping wasn't so high, between my order and the 2 friends I have that reload, would would have bought a total of around 10,000 bullets at one time and would have came back for more.

    Review by Jared (Posted on 1/20/2020)

    Perfect price

    Great product great price

    Review by Ammo (Posted on 10/6/2019)

    Berry's quality sufficient for practice..for SD..not so good..

    Size and weight consistency acceptable for practice..
    No need for the performance of the SD projectiles..

    Review by oromil (Posted on 4/9/2017)

  4. Berry's .355 Diameter Bullets - 115 Grain Hollow Base RN – 1000 Count


    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 11.5¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 115 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 357 Sig, 38 Super, 9mm
    Quantity 1000
    Bullet Type Round Nose
    Manufacturer Berry's
    Manufacturer SKU 00173

    These are component bullets for handloading. This is not loaded ammunition that you can fire as soon as you open the box.

    Berry’s has remained family owned and operated since their foundation by Ray Berry in 1961. Today they’re well regarded among handloaders for the consistency of their component bullets – a reputation they’ve genuinely earned.

    This 0.355” diameter 115 grain plated hollow base round nose bullet is ideal for loading 9mm ammunition, but it is just as handy for 38 Super and 357 Sig. The bullet features a swaged lead core and electrochemically bonded copper jacket, which has been struck twice to guarantee its solid bond and uniform dimensions.

    Its electrochemically plated copper jacket completely envelops this bullet’s lead core. As the result it avoids producing vaporized lead during ignition to promote a healthier indoor shooting environment. The bullet’s core also remains undeformed, which alongside its balanced weight and standardized dimensions delivers exceptional accuracy.

    Berry’s recommends loading this 1.130” OAL bullet to a muzzle velocity no greater than 1,500 fps. They recommend a taper or roll crimp, but warn against over crimping that could cause core separation. Load data for comparable jacketed or cast 115 grain bullets may be used for these bullets as well.

  5. Hornady .355 Diameter Bullets - 100 Grain EFMJ - 3500 Count


    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 12.1¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 100 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 357 Sig, 380 ACP, 9mm
    Quantity 3500
    Bullet Type Enclosed Metal Jacket (EMJ)
    Manufacturer Hornady
    Manufacturer SKU 35527B

    As you likely know, Hornady has been making top-quality ammunition for many years. They have some of the finest rifle and handgun rounds in the country, and also supply a large selection of reloading supplies and accessories like these 9x19 full metal jacket bullets.

    9mm is a fast and reliable caliber and although it has excellent stopping power, it also delivers manageable recoil, making it a favorite among target and competition shooters. If you go through lots of 9mm rounds, order this 3500-count box of 100 grain, enclosed full metal jacket bullets and you can reload your brass with high-quality projectiles.

    The full metal jacket in these rounds is extremely reliable in autoloading handguns. They are designed to feed smoothly from the magazine to the chamber, and will give you less fouling in the barrel. Down range, they are reliable and effective, resulting in superior performance during your competitions or training.

    Customer Reviews

    All were good

    Would recommend to my friends

    Review by GA (Posted on 5/4/2021)

  6. Zero Bullets 9mm .355" Diameter Bullets 115 Grain FMJ - 500 Projectiles


    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 12.4¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 115 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 357 Sig, 9mm
    Quantity 500
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Manufacturer Zero Bullet
    Manufacturer SKU R126

    Bolster your reloading supply stash with these great full metal jacket (FMJ) projectiles from Zero Bullets. These FMJ rounds weigh 115 grains, a common light weight for the 9mm caliber, and are ideal for crafting a large amount of ammunition for matches and classes. Zero Bullets is an Alabama-based manufacturer that gained a great reputation for their products by working the gun show circuit for many years. Hand-loaders know the brand for their jacket consistency and relatively inexpensive cost.

    Don't forget to check out Widener's great selection of pistol powders, while you're shopping.

    Customer Reviews

    Good buy

    Loaded these puppies up no problem. Seem to function well and at a good price.

    Review by Josh (Posted on 2/11/2021)

  7. Zero Bullets 9mm (.355" Diameter) 124 Grain FMJ - 500 Projectiles


    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 12.7¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 124 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 357 Sig, 9mm
    Quantity 500
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Manufacturer Zero Bullet
    Manufacturer SKU 127

    Stock up your on bench supplies for your reloads with these high quality 9mm Luger projectiles from Zero Bullets. Zero Bullets is a manufacturer from Alabama that got its start selling projectiles as well as loaded ammunition (under the Roze Distributing brand) in gun shows all across the south. They have a great reputation among hand-loaders for high quality bullets at an inexpensive price. These copper-jacketed rounds are .355 inches in diameter and 124 grains which is a medium weight for the caliber and can be used to create NATO-spec 9x19mm cartridges with the right components and measurements. These FMJ bullets can also be used to make .357 SIG loads for practice and matches.

    Don't forget to check out Widener's great selection of pistol powders, while you're here!

  8. Zero Bullets 9mm (.355" Diameter) 147 Grain FMJ - 500 Count


    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 12.8¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 147 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 357 Sig, 9mm
    Quantity 500
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Manufacturer Zero Bullet
    Manufacturer SKU R-152

    These American-made projectiles by Zero Bullets are an excellent option for loading custom 9mm Luger rounds alongside .357 SIG and .38 Super as well. These .355 inch diameter projectiles feature true copper jackets which maintain rigidity at high velocities; this ensures in-flight stability, tight grouping, and optimum accuracy with high pressure load recipes. These Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) bullets weigh 147 grains each and are most appropriately used for smooth-recoiling competitive rounds and loads which replicate common defense options.

    The Zero Bullet brand, owned by Roze Distribution, represents a line of component projectiles and ammunition which are manufactured in Alabama and well known for consistent quality at an affordable price point. This 500 count bulk pack is a great way to stock your bench for many work-ups and range sessions to come.

    Be sure to complete your handgun component order with primers and casings from Widener's diverse selection.

    Customer Reviews


    Not what I expected and unable to return.

    Review by Brenda (Posted on 6/4/2020)

  9. Zero Bullets .355" Diameter Bullets - 125 Grain FMJ-FP - 500


    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 12.9¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 125 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 357 Sig, 9mm
    Quantity 500
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose (FMJFN)
    Manufacturer Zero Bullet
    Manufacturer SKU 158

    Load up on projectiles for your next bench session with these top-grade projectiles from Zero Bullets. These bullets are made in Alabama with a true copper full metal jacket and flat point (FMJ-FP). Flat point projectiles, which still have a curved ogive for reliable feeding, are are great for training and matches because of the easily recognizable holes that they leave on scoring zones. These rounds measure .355 inches in diameter and weigh in at 125 grains which is a versatile medium weight for both .357 SIG and 9mm Luger loads.

    Don't forget to check out Widener's great selection of pistol powders, while you're here!

    Customer Reviews

    Cheap, reliable, accurate

    I tried these bullets with two different powders, Blue Dot and Power Pistol. My loads turned out very comparable to 125g Winchester white box but were less than 1/3 of the price. The bullets worked well in my gun and shot accurately. I plan on purchasing them again.

    Review by Anthony (Posted on 2/19/2017)

  10. Hornady .355 Diameter Bullets - 147 Grain FMJERN - 2500 Count


    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 13.6¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 147 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 357 Sig, 9mm
    Quantity 2500
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket Round Nose Enclosed Base (FMJERN)
    Manufacturer Hornady
    Manufacturer SKU 35597B

    The 9mm is one of the world’s most commonly-used handgun rounds. With a place among target shooters, competition shooters, self defense, and law enforcement, the 9mm cartridge is used by both private gun owners and government agencies. Many people choose to reload their 9mm cases, making the hobby of shooting easier on the wallet. If you’re planning on reloading your brass, order this box of 2,500 high-quality bullets.

    You’ll have top-notch rounds that are reliable and consistent in your firearm. The full metal jacket is designed to smoothly cycle through your handgun, while the jacket wall offers nearly zero variation in thickness. They are not only reliable in the firearm, they perform extremely well downrange and at the target.

    Few ammo brands match the quality and innovation of Hornady. They are known for top-notch reloading supplies, and have made some of the best rimfire and centerfire cartridges in the country.

  11. Zero 9mm Bullets .355 125 Grain JHP - 500


    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 14.8¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 125 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 357 Sig, 9mm
    Quantity 500
    Bullet Type Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP)
    Manufacturer Zero Bullet
    Manufacturer SKU 136

    Zero Bullets are a great choice for your custom bench loads. These 9mm projectiles measure .355" in diameter and are 125 grain Jacketed Hollow Points. Zero Bullet Company offers shooters reliability, accuracy and affordability with their various lines of projectiles. Zero has found success by constantly designing and researching new bullet concepts paired with rigid quality control. Pick up this box of 500 JHP 9mm bullets and see why Zero Bullet Company is one of America's fast growing bullet and ammunition companies.

    **Note: this is not loaded ammunition**

  12. Hornady .355 Diameter Bullets - 115 Grain XTP HP - 100 Count


    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 20.9¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 115 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 357 Sig, 9mm
    Quantity 100
    Bullet Type Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP)
    Manufacturer Hornady
    Manufacturer SKU 35540

    Customer Reviews



    Review by Steve (Posted on 10/10/2021)


    These bullets always work very well.

    Review by RANDY (Posted on 5/23/2021)

    Very nice craftsmanship

    I love these jhp bullets I now have loads of them ready to go no feed issues once correct seating depth is achieved

    Review by Andrew (Posted on 5/2/2021)

    Excellent bullets at a fair price

    I was thrilled to be able to find these excellent bullets in stock
    During this craziness . The Widener co.was great to deal with ,
    Shipping was quick , the price was good . I’ve never been disappointed
    With anything carrying the Hornadys name , it’s a name I trust .

    Review by Garander (Posted on 12/13/2020)

    Excellent transaction

    Product was exactly as described. Shipping was incredibly fast. I would highly recommend Wideners to everyone.

    Review by Lee (Posted on 12/13/2020)

12 product(s)