308 Ammo

.308 Winchester ammo is one of the most popular large-caliber rifle cartridges in use today. The .308 Winchester and 7.62x51 cartridges are mostly interchangeable and deliver superb long-range accuracy for hunters and target shooters.

Most of the .308 ammunition for sale to American civilians fires a 150-165 grain bullet at a muzzle velocity of nearly 3,000 feet per second. With soft point or polymer tipped bullets, the cartridge is capable of taking all but the biggest game with one well-placed shot. You'll also find full metal jacket rounds for sale in bulk that'll help you get your fill of trigger time at the range as well. These cheap FMJ rounds are quite popular among AR-10 carbine shooters.

There are many notable firearms chambered in .308 Winchester, including the Winchester Model 70, Remington 700, and several different models of AR-10. The M-14 and FAL, which are chambered in 7.62x51mm, can also fire .308 ammo.

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