7mm Mauser Ammo

7x57mm Mauser ammunition (known as the .275 Rigby in the UK) is another classic cartridge originally designed for military use. Today, it is still widely use for hunting deer and other game due to its excellent long-range performance - that's why you'll find it for sale here at Widener's.

7mm Mauser ammo comes in a variety of bullet weights ranging from 120 to 175 grains; accordingly, muzzle velocities vary widely from 2,300 feet per second for the heaviest loads, down to 3,000 feet per second to the lighter ones.

For quality soft point loads in this caliber, check out offerings from Sellier & Bellot, Federal Power-Shok, and Remington Core-Lokt. Hornady also makes some excellent polymer-tipped and copper bullet ammunition in their Superformance series.

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