450/400 Nitro Bullets

Find your 400 Nitro and 450 Nitro bullets for reloading here!

“It has ever been one of my favorites. I have used it extensively on all kinds of African game from elephant down with the greatest possible satisfaction.”
–John "Pondoro" Taylor, famed Irish big game hunter and ivory poacher on the 450/400 Nitro Express

The 450/400 Nitro Express cartridge emits a 400 grain bullet out of a 26 inch barrel at 2,150 fps, which carries with it well over 4,000 ft lbs of energy. Naturally so powerful a .405 bullet would find few applications on a continent with such sparse megafauna as North America. Outside of a moose or polar bear, you’ll find game most suited for the 450/400 Nitro Express in Africa.

The 450/400 Nitro’s case can measure either 2-3/8 or 3-1/4 inches long. Either version was popular for the massive beasts of Africa before the 375 Holland & Holland supplanted them. Perhaps the most popular .405 bullets for hunting are made by Hornady. The Nebraskan manufacturer’s Dangerous Game Series bullets include the DGS, which does not expand and is accordingly suitable for thicker skinned elephant and rhino, and the DGX which does expand – but not without excavating a massive tunnel through its target in the process. Conventional solid point round nose bullets are also quite common on this powerful cartridge.

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