50 AE Ammo

.50 Action Express is one of the best known large caliber handgun cartridges. In Hollywood, it's used for just about everything including warfare and law enforcement; back in the real world, shooters primarily use this round against large game and predators where its massive power can be put to best use. When used in a hunting role, the high recoil and bulk weapon size associated with the caliber are much less of a liability.

.50 AE ammunition fires a heavy bullet at a high velocity; projectiles with a weight in excess of 300 grains are not uncommon. A velocity of 1,400 feet per second or more combined with the latest hollow point designs from Speer, Hornady, or other manufacturers helps produce high diameter expansion. You'll find the latest ballistic technology from those manufacturers for sale here at Widener's.

Notable firearms chambered to use .50 AE ammo include the semi-automatic Magnum Research Desert Eagle and the Freedom Arms Model 555 revolver.

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