38 Special Brass Casings

Reloaders can save big on this cartridge with our selection of brass and components - including the 38 special brass casings for sale on this page. As you likely know, handloads for the .38 can be used in both .357 Magnum and .38 SPL revolvers.

.38 Special cases use small pistol primers. Bullets come in many varieties and weights, with wadcutters working particularly well for target shooting.

Quality cases for this caliber can be had from Jagemann, Top Brass, Starline, and other companies.

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  1. Jagemann Brass Casings 38 Special New Unprimed – 100 Pieces


    In stock

    Manufacturer Jagemann
    Ammo Caliber 38 Special
    Primer Type Small Pistol
    Manufacturer SKU 12203
    Quantity 100

    Craft your favorite .38 Special loads with confidence when you use these "Jag Brass" casings from Jagemann Sporting Group. These rimmed casings are created on the finest machinery available under the supervision of expert personnel who draw on Jagemann company experience dating back to 1946. During production, the casings are checked for material consistency as well as corrosion resistance via mercurial nitrite testing and Vickers hardness testing. This results in brass that hand-loaders can trust for many reloading cycles with a maximum pressure rating of 20,000 PSI with +P loads.

    Jagemann Stamping Company is an American manufacturer, refiner, and fabricator that has been trusted to make products for automotive, engineering, and construction industries for decades. Their stringent quality control and solid reputation has caused their brass, which is produced in Wisconsin, to be chosen by many ammo companies as a base component in their commercial recipes.

1 product(s)