38 Special Brass Casings

Reloaders can save big on this cartridge with our selection of brass and components - including the 38 special brass casings for sale on this page. As you likely know, handloads for the .38 can be used in both .357 Magnum and .38 SPL revolvers.

.38 Special cases use small pistol primers. Bullets come in many varieties and weights, with wadcutters working particularly well for target shooting.

Quality cases for this caliber can be had from Jagemann, Top Brass, Starline, and other companies.

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  1. Armscor Brass Casings - 38 Special - New Unprimed - 2000


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    The 38 Special is an awesome cartridge for handloading. You’re not bound by a semi-auto’s specific power levels, so you can try out white hot loads or super cool ones. The 38 Special will let you load virtually any type of bullet you can get your hands on, and its case will only touch the ground if you let it.

    But you can’t use the same brass forever. That’s why you ought to take home this big box of 38 Special brass by Armscor! Brimming with 2,000 virgin brass cases, this haul will let you load your favorite revolver cartridge for countless days of fun at the range.

    Armscor manufactures their brass cases and other ammo components in the Philippines. They have been ISO 9001 certified for over 20 years now, and as such have the systems and processes in place to produce highly consistent brass cases in terms of length and dimensions. These cases’ centered flash holes are still unprimed, so you’ll enjoy complete control over your handloads’ quality as you select which Boxer primers they’ll get as well.

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    Fast shipping and good price.

    Product arrived quickly and price was good.

    Review by Roy (Posted on 9/20/2021)

1 product(s)