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  1. Hornady .452 Diameter Bullets - 200 Grain FTX - 50 Count


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    Cost Per Bullet 46.0¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 200 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 45 Colt, 45 Long Colt, 45 Schofield, 450 Bushmaster, 454 Casull, 460 S&W Magnum
    Quantity 50
    Bullet Type Flex-Tip-Technology (FTX)
    Manufacturer Hornady
    Manufacturer SKU 45215

    These .452 inch diameter FTX bullets from Hornady are optimal for big bore hunting loads like .460 S&W Magnum and .454 Casull as well as .450 Bushmaster. FTX (Flex-Tip) bullets use a hollow-cavity with a segmented jacket which is topped by a red plastic tip. This results in a projectile with the potential for massive expansion on impact that is not only safe to use in lever-action rifles but penetrates more effectively due a controlled expansion rate when fired at velocities higher than handgun levels.

    FTX projectiles also feature an Interlock Ring at the base which secures the thick copper jacket to the bullet's core and prevents separation while preserving game-dropping energy and momentum. This box includes 50 bullets.

    Hornady has been in business for nearly 70 years and is well known for developing projectiles and ammunition to tackle every specific task that hunters, competitors , and law enforcement personnel can come up with. Widener's carries a full range of components including magnum pistol powder and primers to compliment your quality projectile order.

  2. Hornady .452 Diameter Bullets - 240 Grain XTP JHP - 100 Count


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    Cost Per Bullet 32.0¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 240 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 45 Long Colt, 454 Casull, 460 S&W Magnum
    Quantity 100
    Bullet Type XTP
    Manufacturer Hornady
    Manufacturer SKU 45220

    Hornady's XTP jacketed hollow point bullets are one of the best options for reloading large caliber revolvers. These 240 grain .452 diameter bullets are perfect for reloading 45 Colt, 454 Casull and 460 S&W Magnum. Hornady XTPs are designed to expand upon impact with soft tissue, and will create a devastating wound channel that will easily drop your game. These three calibers are commonly used for hunting wild boar, and is even used for some small bear.

    Remember to use a reloading manual, like the ones produced by Speer and Hornady, to develop safe and effect reloading recipes. Check out our selection of Pistol Powders before you check out!

2 product(s)