44 Special Ammo

The .44 Special is a great all-around cartridge used for target shooting as well as hunting. It can be fired from both dedicated .44 Special revolvers and .44 Magnum firearms as a lower-recoil, lower-cost alternative.

Most .44 Special ammunition fires a heavy 200-250 grain bullet at a relatively low muzzle velocity in the 700-900 feet per second range.

Although it was introduced in 1907, this caliber lends itself well to cowboy action shooting and delivers great ballistic, if not historical, accuracy.

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  1. CCI 44 Mag 140 Grain #9 Shot - 10 Rounds


    In stock

    Manufacturer CCI
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 140 Grain
    Bullet Type #9 Shot
    Use Type varmint hunting
    Casing Type Aluminum
    Quantity 10
    Ammo Caliber 44 Magnum
    Manufacturer SKU 3744
    Shot Material Steel
    Primer Type Boxer
    UPC Barcode 076683037442
    Cost Per Round $1.72 per round

    When you are looking for one of the best centerfire shotshell rounds for a .44 Magnum load, pick up a few of these 10-round boxes from CCI. They deliver outstanding performance and reliable energy, giving you the consistency you expect from your ammunition.

    These cases are loaded with #9 shot and have a listed bullet weight of 140-grains. You’ll get fantastic speed coming out of the barrel, with a muzzle velocity of 1,000 feet per second. The rigid plastic shot capsule will break on the rifling, while the flexible wad prevents gas blow-by. Thanks to reliable CCI primers, these cases will ignite with consistency and reliability.

    CCI is known for their top-quality rimfire cartridges, but they also create excellent centerfire loads for pistol shotshell uses. They make many different cartridges and even have supplies for ammunition reloading. Whether you need affordable plinking rounds or effective cartridges for pest control, CCI has the ammo you want.

1 product(s)