338 Lapua Brass Casings

If you enjoy the long-range performance of the .338 Lapua but don't enjoy the price of factory ammo for this formidable cartridge, grab some of the brass you see here and try loading your own! With 338 Lapua brass casings from Widener's, you can create excellent hunting and target ammo at a very reasonable price.

The .338 Lapua is derived from the .416 Rigby and uses Large Rifle Magnum primers.

Unsurprisingly, Lapua itself is a good source of brass for this cartridge; however, good quality brass can also be had from Prvi Partizan, Hornady, and other companies. Our in-stock Lapua brass casings are for sale below, be sure to take a look.

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  1. Prvi Partizan Brass Casings - 338 Lapua Mag - New Unprimed - 100


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    The hobby of target shooting can be expensive. With some bullets costing over $1.00 each, you can easily spend a couple hundred dollars at the range. That’s why many target shooters, hunters, and gun enthusiasts choose to load their own cases. It makes this enjoyable sport more rewarding, allowing you to fire more and spend less.

    If you own a rifle that takes .338 Lapua Magnum rounds for long range target shooting, you can get the cases you need for ammo loading from Prvi Partizan. This box give you 100 brass cases that are new and unprimed, delivering the consistent specifications you need. You can count on these cases to ensure reliable feeding and firing.

    Prvi Partizan is one of the leading manufactures of ammo in the world. Based out of Serbia, they create top-quality ammo and reloading supplies, including brass cases for numerous calibers. No matter what type of ammo or cases you need, you can count on Prvi Partizan to deliver effective performance and quality.

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    Great product

    Works perfectly and shoots great!

    Review by DoggyDoc (Posted on 7/10/16)

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