204 Ruger Ammo

204 Ruger ammo started as a joint project released in 2004 by Ruger and Hornady. The round delivers extremely high velocity for efficient varmint extermination. A light 32-45 grain hollow point bullet achieves a muzzle velocity of around 4,000 feet per second in a typical .204 Ruger load, resulting in massive fragmentation that will put coyotes and other pests down in a hurry.

This caliber is based on a .222 Remington Magnum necked-down casing. The parent case's high capacity is key to achieving high velocities; in addition, factory .204 Ruger ammunition uses a proprietary powder known as SMP746 to achieve velocities of over 4,200 feet per second.

In-stock .204 Ruger ammunition for sale by many manufacturers including Sellier & Bellot, Winchester, Nosler, Fiocchi, and of course Hornady - look for all of them here at Widener's.

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  1. Hornady 204 Ruger 32 Grain V-MAX - 20 Rounds


    In stock

    Manufacturer Hornady
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 32 Grain
    Bullet Type V-MAX
    Use Type hunting whitetail deer, varmint hunting
    Casing Type Brass
    Quantity 20
    Ammo Caliber 204 Ruger
    Manufacturer SKU 83204
    Primer Type Boxer
    Magnetic No
    UPC Barcode 090255832044
    Cost Per Round $1.99 per round

    If you use .204 Ruger ammo for varmint hunting and control, order this cartridge from Hornady, one of the leading ammunition manufactures in the country. You’ll get top-quality performance from a round that was specifically-designed for a wide range of varmints like coyote and prairie dogs. This is the accurate, effective ammunition you need, so order a few of these 20-round boxes today.

    These 204 Ruger cartridges will deliver the speed and precision you expect in the field. They have a listed muzzle speed of 4,225 feet per second and an initial energy of 1,268 foot pounds. Even when the bullet reaches 500 feet, it still maintains over 1,800 feet per second of velocity. With a polymer tip for enhanced accuracy and excellent terminal ballistics, these cartridges are smooth and effective.

    Hornady is a leading brand in the ammunition industry. This Nebraska-based company has been providing top-quality ammo to hunters and target shooter since 1949.

1 product(s)