458 Lott Bullets

In 1959 famed big game hunter Jack Lott had a nasty run-in with a Cape buffalo. Rightfully soured by the experience, he judged that the 458 Winchester Magnum he had been hunting with was inadequate for large African game.

Not content simply to complain, he set about designing his own safari cartridge. The fruits of Lott’s labor featured a 375 H&H Magnum case that blown out to accept a .458 diameter bullet and further shortened to 2.8 inches. With its significantly greater case capacity than the 458 Win Mag, the 458 Lott delivered less compression of the powder charge and an overall improvement in performance accompanied by a 200 to 300 fps faster muzzle velocity.

The most common 458 Lott bullets weigh 500 grains. These are loaded to approximately 60,000 psi to deliver muzzle velocities between 2,100 and 2,300 fps. 458 Lott bullets may weigh as little as 300 grains to increase muzzle velocity and accordingly flatten out trajectories far downrange. Hornady serves the 458 Lott handloader particularly well with their FTX and Dangerous Game Series projectiles, which would make fine moose hunting rounds for the hunter who has no intention of going on safari.

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