357 Magnum Ammo

357 Magnum ammunition made for a common sight in police armories from its introduction in 1934 until the 1990s. The 357 mag's legion of associated revolvers and carbines have evolved into a CCW and target shooting role and the cartridge is still trusted by a lot of shooters for that today. The .357 Magnum typically fires a 125 or 158 grain bullet, with the ligher projectile trading a bit of penetration for higher velocity and, in the case of jacketed hollow points, more reliable expansion.

.357 Magnum loads typically produce velocities between 1,200 and 1,500 feet per second along with relatively heavy recoil. Look for an assortment of big name brands for sale here at Widener's like Federal, Winchester and PMC with bulk range packs in-stock for all your training needs.

While it's not a historically correct cartridge for Western or cowboy action shooting, the .357 offers nice, flat trajectories and compatibility with a variety of lever-action rifle and wheelgun designs. Action shooting loads are typically a bit less powerful than regular target ones to promote rapid, accurate fire.

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