44-40 Ammo

.44-40 Winchester ammo (also known as .44-40 WCF) is closely tied to the Winchester Model 1873 rifle for which it was originally produced. One of the most common calibers used in the "Wild West" period, it remains popular today for cowboy action shooting (CAS) and can also be used in a hunting role. Today, shooters that love single action shooting will find our in-stock line-up of 44-40 ammo for sale on this page.

44-40 ammunition fires a heavy bullet weighing over 200 grains with a muzzle velocity of around 1,200 feet per second. Cowboy loads are typically lower-power loads designed to facilitate rapid accurate fire and use lead nose bullets suitable for steel target shooting.

Winchester and UMC (now part of Remington) were the earliest companies to produce ammo in this caliber. However, other manufacturers including Black Hills, Federal, Magtech, and Hornady also produce .44-40 ammo.

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