20 Gauge Ammo

The 20 gauge shotgun is a favorite of many shooters due its excellent handling and (in guns of similar weight) much lower felt recoil compared to the 12 gauge. 20 gauge ammo shotgun can be used for everything from hunting and trap shooting to self-defense. 20 gauge shotshells have a distinctive yellow hull to help prevent accidental (and dangerous) loading of shells into the wrong size shotgun.

A 20 gauge shotshell typically fires an ounce (give or take 1/8 oz.) of shot at 1,200 feet per second, with steel waterfowl loads typically moving faster. Buckshot loads in 20ga are typically for self-defense, though they may be used for hunting as well. Slugs make the 20 gauge a viable deer gun at 100 yards and beyond, while birdshot is used for target shooting and, of course, birds.

Some 20 gauge loads (particularly waterfowl ones) come in a 3" hull length that packs more shot or propellant into the shell; this produces more recoil, but allows the 20ga to close the power gap with its larger cousins without the need for another shotgun when needed.

At Widener's, you'll find cheap 20 gauge ammo for sale from the biggest names in ammo. Look for Federal, Fiocchi, Winchester and more in-stock at very competitive prices.

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