458 SOCOM Bullets

458 SOCOM bullets for Reloading

The 458 SOCOM has an interesting origin story. During Operation Gothic Serpent in 1993 our troops encountered enemy forces who were high on a drug called qat. (They clearly ignored former First Lady Nancy Reagan’s warning that winners don’t do drugs. Must have never gone to a video arcade.) The qat greatly immunized these guys against pain, so it took too many .224 bullets to put them down for good.

A bigger cartridge was needed to handle threats with dulled senses. Enter the 458 SOCOM, which lobs a 300 grain bullet out of a barrel at 1,900 fps to inflict over 2,400 ft lbs of muzzle energy. That’s significantly slower than a 5.56 and accordingly creates a much faster bullet drop, but it’s still a manageable trajectory like the 45-70 or 450 Bushmaster would have provided.

The 458 SOCOM doesn’t benefit from great popularity, so the most reliable way to assure your steady supply of ammo is to order 458 SOCOM bullets for reloading. Pick a 300 grain .458 bullet to experience the round’s original ballistic performance. The load’s max pressure is 35,000 psi, which you might find that 34 grains of H110 delivers perfectly.

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