22 Hornet Ammo

22 Hornet is one of the smaller centerfire rifle cartridges available but it packs a nasty "sting" against varmints, firing a light bullet at a high velocity for maximum fragmentation.

.22 Hornet loads typically fire a light bullet in the 35-50 grain range at a muzzle velocity at or slightly under 3,000 feet per second. This gives them excellent medium-range performance against rabbits, squirrels, coyotes, and other pests.

The .22 Hornet is well suited for reloading due its centerfire design; many handloaders prefer it to rimfire varmint cartridges like the .22 WMR for this reason.

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  1. Federal American Eagle Varmint & Predator 22 Hornet 35 Grain PT – 50 Rounds


    In stock

    Manufacturer Federal
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 35 Grain
    Bullet Type Polymer Tipped
    Use Type varmint hunting
    Casing Type Brass
    Quantity 50
    Ammo Caliber 22 Hornet
    Manufacturer SKU AE22H35TVP
    Primer Type Boxer
    Magnetic No
    UPC Barcode 604544618020
    Cost Per Round 87.7¢ per round

    An excellent choice if you're in search of a great 22 Hornet round for varmint hunting. This New Federal ammo comes loaded with a 35 Grain Polymer Tipped along with a Boxer primer that's loaded in a Brass case. With this package, you'll receive 50 rounds ready to fire. Plus, you know it'll come fast from our warehouse to your door because we know shooting ammo is a lot more fun than looking at it online or waiting on delivery!

1 product(s)