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  1. Wolf .224 Diameter Bullets - 62 Grain FMJBT M855 – 4000 Count

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    Cost Per Bullet 6.9¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 62 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 223 Rem, 5.56x45mm
    Quantity 4000
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (FMJ-BT)
    Manufacturer Wolf
    Manufacturer SKU M855

    Do you want four thousand penetrator rounds, but won’t deign to buy ammo that’s anything less than the work of a master handloader (i.e. you)? Then you’re in luck! Now you can order this enormous brick of M855 bullets by Wolf and start loading the real deal right in the comfort of your own home!

    This 62 grain bullet features a gilding metal jacket and ballistically efficient boat tail base. What really makes it special, of course, is the seven grain spear of steel that forms its tip. A penetrator bullet’s strong metal meplat is by no means magic -- a barrier as substantial as auto glass is liable to baffle it even at closer ranges. But if you’re concerned that your home defense loads might not be able to penetrate a Warsaw Pact grade helmet or vehicle door, then you’ll find that the M855 truly does make quite a difference at distances up to 2,000 feet.

    Wolf has earned a great many fans over the years thanks to their affordably priced yet hard-performing steel cased ammo. Their components on their own are just as solid, so this case of SS109 bullets makes a rewarding investment for any discerning handloading enthusiast.

  2. Sierra .224 Diameter Bullets - 45 Grain JSP - 100 Count


    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 21.9¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 45 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 218 Bee, 22 Caliber, 22 Hornet, 220 Swift, 222 Rem, 222 Rem Mag, 223 Rem
    Quantity 100
    Bullet Type Jacketed Soft-Point (JSP)
    Manufacturer Sierra Bullets
    Manufacturer SKU 1210

    Customer Reviews

    Great bullets, very accurate in 12" T/C contender

    Great bullets, they are very accurate in my custom MGM 12" Contender barrel. These are way better than I expected.

    Review by David (Posted on 12/23/2019)

2 product(s)