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Find 452 Bullets for reloads here. This webpage has products that are only the projectiles used to reload 450 Bushmaster cartridges.

It was the great Jeff Cooper who conceived the 450 Bushmaster when he wrote about a hypothetical .44 caliber or larger cartridge that was further optimized to function in a semi-automatic rifle. While he imagined this round would serve tank crews and other military personnel whose primary role didn’t revolve around rifles, he also supposed hunters could use it to one-shot large game at 250 yards.

LeMag Firearms conspired to make Cooper’s wish come true, and Bushmaster and Hornady ultimately made it available to the commercial market. The 450 Bushmaster’s .452 bullet typically weighs 250 or 300 grains. At their heavier weight 452 bullets are typically loaded to deliver a 1,900 fps muzzle velocity. That leads to about 26 inches of drop at 300 yards, which is pretty much the extent of the 450 Bushmaster’s range. All things considered the round’s ballistic performance is comparable to the 45-70 Government.

With its straight-walled case the 450 Bushmaster is especially nice for hunters who have to comply with deer season bans on bottleneck cartridges. It’s still not the most common round on the market by any stretch of the definition, which is why you’ll probably want to order your own 452 bullets for 450 Bushmaster. Let’s help you with that!

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