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Please see below for our 300 Blackout bullets in-stock. Note: this page is only the bullet portion of an ammunition cartridge. If you needed loaded rounds ready to fire, please head to our 300 Blackout ammo page.

As popular as it has become, the 300 AAC Blackout remains something of a niche cartridge – in comparison to the 223 Rem, at least. That means shooters who are fans of both the newer cartridge as well as their money often take advantage of handloading to enjoy more of both.

The 300 Blackout case was developed from the 223 Rem. Converting 223 Rem brass into what you need to load 300 Blackout is straightforward enough, a project you can take on with a saw, jig, and a few other pieces of reloading paraphernalia. Thankfully there is no deficit of 223 Rem brass in this country!

The 300 Blackout presents a great opportunity to load either subsonic or supersonic. Subsonic loads take advantage of the case’s ability to seat a long, heavy bullet, and typically revolve around projectiles 180 grains and heavier. (Take care not to let some larger bullets’ ogives get stuck on the first rib of a standard AR’s magazine.) Supersonic loads typically include bullets as light as 90 grains, at which weight the V-MAX makes a great dual-purpose varmint hunting and self-defense projectile.

The 300 Blackout is a true .30 caliber cartridge, which means you can take utilize of the multitude of commonly available .308 bullets. An FMJBT like the MatchKing will give you greater accuracy with a round known for its arching trajectory, while a bullet like the InterBond will let you load darn good hunting rounds.

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  1. Hornady .308 Diameter Bullets - 250 Grain A-TIP Match – 100 Count


    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 69.9¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 250 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 30 Caliber, 30 Carbine, 30-06, 30-30 Win, 30-40 Krag, 300 AAC Blackout, 300 Rem SAUM, 300 Rem Ultra Mag, 300 Savage, 300 Weatherby, 300 Win Mag, 300 Win Short Mag, 300 WSM, 308 Win
    Quantity 100
    Bullet Type A-TIP Match
    Manufacturer Hornady
    Manufacturer SKU 3092

    Hornady’s A-TIP Match projectile represents the culmination of decades of research and testing by one of America’s preeminent ammunition experts. Your handloads deserve no less than so superlative a tack driver!

    This 250 grain bullet has an exceptionally long aluminum tip which improves its center of gravity and its rotational stability, and further markedly reduces the amount of drag it can generate in flight. This bullet’s Advanced Manufacturing Process jacket is concentric on a microscopic level, which even more greatly enhances its stability. Each A-TIP Match’s ogive, boat tail base angulature, and bearing surface is optimized specifically for its caliber. So great is its ballistic coefficient that it forgives deviations in factors such as twist rate and muzzle velocity.

    In an effort to standardize these bullets as greatly as possible, Hornady packages them sequentially in the order that they leave the press. They have been handled as little as possible, and indeed have not even been bulk washed. Hornady recommends their A-TIP™ seating stem to best seat these accurate bullets in their casings.

1 product(s)