32 Special Bullets

32 Special Bullets for Reloading

This page contains only projectiles for sale. These products are used by reloaders who load their own rounds.

The 32 Winchester Special (aka 32 Special) was introduced for use in Winchester’s Model 94 lever-action rifle in 1901. It is based on the 30-30 and offers similar ballistic performance to the other classic lever-action round, although its .321 diameter bullet naturally creates a wider wound channel than its predecessor’s .308 diameter projectile. In spite of that, the .308 bullet does possess an innately higher sectional density, thus setting up the 30-30 to penetrate its target more deeply. The Model 94’s 1:16 barrel twist is also slower than the 30-30’s typical 1:12, which Winchester intended to create lesser fouling.

The 32 Special received only modest popularity upon its introduction, which along with its old age means it is not the most common rifle cartridge on the market today. That’s where handloading comes into play. Its parentage means that you can easily enough resize 30-30 brass to accommodate a 32 Special’s .312 diameter bullet. Bullets are less varied in the 32 Special, typically only available in weights of 165 and 170 grains. As with most other lever-action rounds, you will want to avoid loading spire point bullets that could cause ignition in a tubular magazine. SAAMI max pressure for this round is 42,000 psi.

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