45-70 Ammo

.45-70 ammunition is a former military cartridge developed by the US Army and used in the "Trapdoor" Springfield Model 1873. Effective against man-sized targets out to 300 yards, the .45-70 was a powerful cartridge for its time and was used in both rifles and Gatling guns.

.45-70 cartridges fire heavy 300 or 400 grain bullets at muzle velocities in the 1,500 to 2,000 feet per second range. This gives them excellent close-range performance but significant drop-off at a distance. As a result, modern use of this caliber typically involves hunting in areas with dense vegetation; in these environments, the .45-70 can be used against everything from deer and hogs to bears.

Despite its length, the .45-70 has also been used in revolvers such as the Magnum Research BFR. Shooters of these "hand cannons" must be steady-handed and strong of wrist!

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  1. Hornady LeveRevolution 45-70 Government 325 Grain FTX - 20 Rounds


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    Manufacturer Hornady
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 325 Grain
    Bullet Type Flex-Tip-Technology (FTX)
    Use Type hunting big game
    Casing Type Brass
    Quantity 20
    Ammo Caliber 45-70 Government
    Manufacturer SKU 82747
    Primer Type Boxer
    Magnetic No
    UPC Barcode 090255827477
    Cost Per Round $3.24 per round

    The 45-70 Government is a massive round with incredible power, capable of taking down even animals on the African Safari, depending on the specs. Gaining publicity through use in Jurassic World to take down dinosaurs, the 45-70 Government is just the round for you. Developed in 1873 by the United States government, this round was used for years in the American military and for over a century for hunting and range use, proving itself to all.

    Since the end of World War Two, Hornady has been dedicated to providing some of the best ammunition America has to offer and has more than succeeded, producing some of the most effective rounds on the market for all types of shooting uses. These Hornady LeveRevolution, 325 grain, FTX, brass cased, boxer primed rounds fire at 2050 feet per second with incredible power and hit with phenomenal expansion and penetration, making your next deer hunting trip a breeze.

1 product(s)