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Going elephant hunting? Who isn’t these days? But don’t make our mistake and take a 22 WMR along to your first elephant hunt. Trust the outcome of your safari to the 500 Nitro Express instead. Sure, the rifle may cost upward of $20 thousand, but the medical bills for elephant-related injuries are even higher. You can trust us on that.

500 Nitro Express cartridges are fantastically expensive, but with the aid of .500 bullets and some elbow grease you can make your own for a fraction of the cost. If you would like to load cartridges that emulate the ballistic performance of the classic 500 Black Powder Express or 500 Nitro for Black Powder cartridges, you would want to load 440 grain bullets to muzzle velocities of 1,500 fps and 1,900 fps respectively. If you want the actual 500 Nitro Express experience, a 570 grain bullet with a 2,150 fps muzzle velocity is called for.

Hornady’s Dangerous Game Series label offers the two most popular bullets for hunting with the 500 Nitro Express: DGX and DGS. The former expands, and is thus appropriate for thin-skinned Big Five quarries. The DGS is able to penetrate deeper and therefore better suited for thick-skinned rhinoceros, hippopotamus, Cape buffalo, and elephant.

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