40 Cal Bullets

Looking for bulk 40 cal bullets for reloading? Once you’ve got the right ones, the rest is easy!

The packages for sale on this page are only the bullets. If you'd like loaded rounds ready to shoot, please visit our 40 cal ammo page here.

40 S&W bullets for reloading usually weigh between 125 and 180 grains, although heavyweight 200 grain bullets are also available. A good 40 S&W bullet is also a good 10mm bullet, making .400 diameter bullets a versatile investment. The 40 S&W’s max pressure is lower at 35,000 psi, giving it a muzzle velocity anywhere between approximately 985 and 1,300 fps. Load data for jacketed bullets, lead bullets, copper bullets, and frangible bullets are all readily available for this popular handgun cartridge. With the right powder for your bullet weight and some small pistol primers at your disposal, reloading your own 40 S&W is just a matter of work. (We like to play Joe Don Baker movies in the background while we practice our science at the reloading bench.)

You’ll want to be careful about reusing brass while reloading 40 S&W. It’s a powerful cartridge, so cases that aren’t properly supported by a semi-auto during ignition often wind up bulging. A common resizing die won’t fix bulging completely, but a specialized one like the Redding GR-X is able to.

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