About Widener's

Deep Appalachian Roots


Widener's has roots that run deep - in fact, the company goes way back into the late 1970's. Of course, we weren't selling much on the internet back then but it was in 1978 that Wideners.com founder Stan Widener first starting selling shooting supplies and reloading components. An avid hunter, it didn't take much for the bug to swallow him whole and his passion for shooting sports quickly turned into a full-time career.

The Digital Age

Wideners.com got its start in 1996 when the company opened up shop on the world wide web. Sure, the first site wasn't much to look at compared to today's site but we were pretty excited to have the chance to serve shooters all over the country with primers, powders and more. It's clear that a lot has changed in terms of technology but we still pride ourselves on always making time to treat our customers right. That includes making time to help new shooters and reloaders learn about the sport we love through tools like this handy Guide to Smokeless Gun Powder.

Wideners.com Today

Still based in Appalachia, Wideners.com continues to pride itself on friendly customer service, competitive prices and most of our employees are, themselves, shooters and reloaders. That means when you call in with a question about ammunition or reloading components, odds are good we have somebody that's willing to lend a hand and has actually used the product themselves. Pair that knowledge with fast shipping and a flawless inventory tracking system that ensures you don't get stuck waiting on a backorder and you'll be hooked!

How Will I Get My Order?

All of our orders ship from East Tennessee. If you're east of the Mississippi River, there's a very good chance you'll receive your order within 2-3 days. If you're out west, please plan for around 5 days in transit.

Can I Pick Up My Ammo?

Unfortunately, due to a combination of logistics and insurance, we cannot allow pick-ups for orders at this time. All orders must ship out.

While most of us here would rather spend our time outside at the range or in the woods than inside at the computer, we think the web can do a lot to bring the shooting community together. Check out our Friends of Widener's page to learn more.

Want to get in touch or have a question? Give us a call or shoot us an email, we're happy to help:

Mailing Address:

3101 W. Market Street
Ste. 109, # 137
Johnson City, TN 37604

Phone And Fax:

Toll Free Orderline: 1-800-615-3006
Fax: 423-815-1348 (24 Hours/Day)


Email: wideners@wideners.com
Website: https://www.wideners.com