9mm Brass Casings

While buying loaded ammo is relatively cheap for small pistols, reloading 9mm brass casings is even more inexpensive! High volume shooters will quickly reap savings by turning the quality brass available here into handholds. Get once-fired and brand new casings for sale from brands like Top Brass and Jagemann.

Pick up small pistol primers in bulk at Widener's to go with you brass--you'll need plenty once you figure out how cheaply you can shoot!

Quality 9mm brass is produced or reconditioned by a variety of manufacturers including Jagemann and Top Brass.

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  1. Jagemann Brass Casings 9mm Luger New Unprimed – 100 Pieces


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    Manufacturer Jagemann
    Ammo Caliber 9mm Luger (9x19)
    Primer Type Small Pistol
    Manufacturer SKU 11856
    Quantity 100

    Bolster your loading bench supplies with this premium quality, new production, unprimed brass from Jagemann's Sporting Group division. "Jag Brass" casings not only fit within SAAMI specifications but are held to the same tight tolerances in measurement that are used for many match grade lineups of ammunition. These cases are meant for loading 9mm Luger cartridges and have maximum pressure rating of 38,500 PSI for +P loads. Jagemann puts their Jag Brass through a rigorous cycle of quality checks including Vickers hardness testing to check for uniform case durability as well as mercurial nitrite testing to confirm corrosion resistance. Both processes, as well as many other stringent processes, ensure that you get new brass which will stand up to multiple reloading cycles.

    Jagemann Stamping Company was founded in 1946 and has evolved over time with operations in metal formation as well as plastic moldings for products used in the automotive, electrical, and solar industries to name a few. Their brass casings are produced at their Wisconsin location by a highly experienced staff using the most precise machinery available.

1 product(s)