9mm Brass Casings

While buying loaded ammo is relatively cheap for small pistols, reloading 9mm brass casings is even more inexpensive! High volume shooters will quickly reap savings by turning the quality brass available here into handholds. Get once-fired and brand new casings for sale from brands like Top Brass and Jagemann.

Quality 9mm brass is produced or reconditioned by a variety of manufacturers including Jagemann and Top Brass.

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  1. Starline 9mm New Unprimed Brass Casings - 100 Casings


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    Manufacturer Starline Brass
    Ammo Caliber 9mm Luger (9x19)
    Manufacturer SKU SU9MM
    Quantity 100
    This is not loaded ammunition. Unless you are a handloader, you will have zero use for these empty, unprimed cases.

    Picking up empty cases at the range is a time-honored American tradition. But sometimes you want the new, shiny, factory fresh brass cases – especially when you are loading important self-defense ammo.

    Starline Brass of Missouri delivers the goods. These strong, straight, concentric and precisely formed brass cases make the perfect foundation for any handloading project. Just plug in the primers, propellant and bullets and you’re golden. The case’s overall length is 0.748–0.754”.

    Starline offers two warnings for these cases:
    1. Not recommended for S&W Shield pistols when loaded to near-max pressure or overpressure; lack of support in some Shield chambers could cause issues.
    2. Not recommended for S&W 929, S&W 986, or any other titanium cylinder revolver; may cause ejection issues.

1 product