350 Legend Ammo

When they first introduced the caliber in 2019, Winchester hailed the 350 Legend as the fastest straight-walled hunting cartridge on earth. Their Super-X load meant for target practice does indeed boast an impressive 2,350 fps muzzle velocity. Optimized for use in modern sporting rifles, the 350 Legend is poised to become highly popular in states that permit hunters only to use straight-walled ammunition while hunting deer with a rifle, including Iowa, Ohio, and Michigan at the time of writing.

When describing the 350 Legend’s performance, it is important to note how it improves upon the performance of other popular calibers. With more energy than the 30-30 Win, less perceived recoil than the 450 Bushmaster, and greater potential for penetration than the 223 Rem, the 350 Legend’s appeal is multi-faceted. The caliber’s .357” diameter projectile has been available in a number of styles since its release, including polymer tipped, hollow point, and soft point configurations for hunting, and full metal jacket for target shooting as well.
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