6.8 SPC Ammo

6.8mm Remington SPC ammo is designed to excel at urban combat with close range performance superior to that of the default 5.56 NATO chambering. The "SPC" in the name stands for "Special Purpose Cartridge".

Bullets fired by 6.8mm SPC cartridges are relatively heavy at 115-120 grains and produce a muzzle velocity of 2,510 feet per second. A lot of shooters who buy 6.8 SPC are firing an AR-15 rifle that has been converted to this caliber simply by swapping upper receivers and magazines.

You'll find 6.8 SPC ammunition for sale here that is produced by many American manufacturers including Federal, Remington, and Hornady as well as the Czech company Sellier & Bellot. Soft point bullets (notably Federal's Fusion hunting series) are available in addition to FMJs for range use. Czech ammunition producer Sellier & Bellot offers a polymer-tipped load designed for taking deer and other game and many hunters have relied on the 6.8 cartridge successfully for years.

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  1. Hornady BLACK 6.8 SPC 110 Grain V-MAX – 20 Rounds


    In stock

    Manufacturer Hornady
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 110 Grain
    Bullet Type V-MAX
    Use Type varmint hunting
    Casing Type Brass
    Quantity 20
    Ammo Caliber 6.8 SPC
    Manufacturer SKU 83464
    Primer Type Boxer
    Magnetic No
    UPC Barcode 090255834642
    Cost Per Round $1.84 per round

    A Hornady BLACK round is designed with versatility in mind. You can therefore trust this 6.8 SPC round to feed and function in any platform of firearm that is able to chamber it. Gas piston? Direct impingement? Rifle? Carbine? Suppressor? You don’t have to take any of that into account when you’ve got BLACK ammunition in your rucksack.

    This cartridge features Hornady’s own 110 grain V-MAX, a bullet designed to give you hands down some of the best varmint hunting you’ll have ever enjoyed. The V-MAX delivers the high ballistic coefficient that hunting skittish critters demands, as its bearing surface and jacket concentricity both lend themselves to superior in-flight stability, and its meplat is sharp and totally symmetrical. The V-MAX further provides explosive fragmentation, a feat it owes to its polymer tip which builds up great energy before smashing into the base of the precisely formed hollow in its swaged lead core.

    These 20 cartridges’ factory fresh brass casings promise to cycle through a semi-automatic like a dream, and their great durability will provide value should you elect to handload them. Hornady’s sensitive primers and consistent propellant charges both burn exceptionally clean, so you’ll be able to focus on varmints rather than bottles of Hoppe’s No. 9.

1 product(s)