475 Linebaugh Bullets

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.475 bullets are commonly used to reload 475 Linebaugh and 475 Jeffery ammunition. Note, the packages below contain only the projectiles and are not loaded rounds.

Perhaps John Linebaugh’s massive revolver cartridge will remain forever overshadowed by the far more popular 460 S&W Magnum and 500 S&W Magnum. Still, the sheer magnificent power of the 475 Linebaugh will always catch handloaders’ attention.

This showstopper makes use of a 45-70 Government casing trimmed down to 1.4 inches and resized to seat a .475 diameter bullet. Its bullets typically range in weight from 320 grains to 440 grains, although load data for 275 grain copper projectiles are available. Hornady’s 325 and 400 grain XTP bullets are popular among handloaders, as are lead flat noses and wide long nose bullets (both with gas checks). Standard load muzzle velocities for 325 grain bullets typically range between 1,430 and 1,678 fps, whereas 400 grain bullets range between 1,227 fps and 1,386 fps.

People might say you are packing too much gun if you choose to carry a 475 Linebaugh revolver for personal protection. And maybe that’s so. But what do you think they’ll say once you handily repel a grizzly bear attack the next time you’re walking through the rough part of town? And imagine the overwhelming sense of pride you’ll feel at having done so with a cartridge of your own creation! (It’ll feel a lot better than the sting of the recoil.)

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