308 Win / 7.62x51mm Brass Casings

The sky's the limit when it comes to creating your own .308 Winchester loads. Start here with some quality 308 Winchester brass from the best brands like Top Brass and IMI, then check out our selection of other components. Whether you want to create a tack-driving match load or a hard-hitting one for hunting, we have the supplies you need. Look for both factory new and once-fired options for sale as well as both primed and unprimed .308 brass casings in-stock.

The .308 Winchester uses large rifle primers which are also available from Widener's.

This cartridge serves as the parent for several others including the .243 Win and 7mm-08 Remington; with the right tools and skills, reloaders can use .308 brass to load for these calibers as well.

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  1. Once Fired 7.62x51mm Brass Casings – 1000 Pieces


    In stock

    Primer Type Large Rifle

    This lot of brass will be a great addition to your 7.62x51mm reloading supplies. These brass casings are still fitted with their expended primers and have been only been fired once meaning they can hold up to subsequent reloading. These cases are all military surplus and have been fired from weapons that are gauged and maintained by qualified military armorers.

    Don't forget to check out Widener's great selection of 308 Bullets, while you're here.

    Customer Reviews

    Surplus brass quality

    This is my second box of brass since Feb. The first was all L.C. mostly in the 2011 production year. This box was about 40% L.C. in the 2009/2011 production years and the majority of the rest was T.A.A. 2007 brass. There was a few SBS,PMJ,PSO,and RA cases also. The brass deprimed and cleaned up easily. The L.C. brass was probably in the roughest condition and appeared to have been on the ground for awhile but it cleaned up well also. For the sale price and some cleaning,it's worth the purchase.

    Review by eightpoint (Posted on 10/29/17)

    Not worth the cost of scrap brass

    Don't waste your money on TAA brass!!!!!!!

    Review by Craig (Posted on 10/13/17)

    Very satisfied. If I need more .308 brass, this is where I'll buy.

    Only a handful of non-LC-13 pieces of brass. De-primed manually. Now preparing to clean. Have yet to remove mil primer crimp. Had a piece or 2 of .223 in the mix. Looks like a very good buy in my case.

    Review by Big Boomer (Posted on 5/14/17)

    Excellent Brass

    The first 1,000 was all LC12 except 3-4 that were LC13. None were shot in firearms with excessive headspace. One case discarded because of damage.

    Review by Robert (Posted on 5/11/17)

    Very good deal

    I got my 1000 cases, yes they were dirty, but that's once fired brass. There was EXACTLY 1000 cases. Only found 1 with a buggered up neck that wasn't usable. Otherwise cleaned up nice.

    Review by Raleigh G (Posted on 4/27/17)

    Good brass

    Good brass, nearly all of it was lake city 2012 with only 20 cases or so various other lake city or other military brass. No rocks as others have stated. A little dirty but I've picked up WAY worse at the range and they clear up very nice. None were dented, no fluted chambers, looked like they are shot from bolt guns. I got them on sale and definitely worth the purchase! Im happy since i dont have to scour the range with about 5 other guys constantly trying to also get 308 brass.

    Review by ItchyDigits (Posted on 4/13/17)

    Great brass for the price

    Nearly all of the brass was Lake City 2012 in great shape. The case lengths were over 2.004 and the primers were easy to remove with a decapper die. The primer pocket crimps,what I could find of them, were very easy to remove with a deburring handtool. After about an hour in the cleaner,the brass looked like new. I did find about a dozen new L.C. brass cases mixed in of other dates that had never been loaded.

    Review by eightpoint (Posted on 2/10/17)

    Never had an issue with their cases..

    I've bought a ton of brass from here.... wish they still had all the military brass they used to... this would be my exclusive source for brass... had an issue(cannot remember what to be honest was minor obviously) I spoke to a lady on the phone who never made any excuses just jumped on issue corrected it in no time flat.... Anyone who has never dealt with this company is really missing the boat... great value and it wasn't the problem I had that mattered to me, it was how fast they handled it that was important.....

    Review by Txcop (Posted on 11/15/16)


    I was short 2 cases. One case was berdan primed. Very satisfied with the brass. If I wanted perfect brass I would have ordered new brass. I knew there would be rejects but not near what I was expecting.

    Review by CCM (Posted on 8/1/16)

    I had hoped for better lucky I bought 2k for better Head-stamp grouping amounts

    Received 2k today first box sorted at
    WCC-08 (400) 8 dated 64. Western Cartridge Company US Private non arsenal looked good
    TAA 07-08 (187) Taiwan US Training Ammo
    PSD 06-07 (140) South Korean US Training Ammo
    WRA 63-64 (22) Winchester Repeating Arms
    PMJ 06 & 09 (9) South Korean US Training Ammo
    LC-14 (81)
    LC-13 (64)
    LC-09 (8)
    LC-08 (55)
    LC 65-68 (9)
    LC LR-11(19) this was the best of the bunch

    Total Count was (994) with one tiny rock in box and 2 non salvageable LC .223 cases.
    there was a total of (236) LC Brass and half MG ammo and not in good shape and this is just on sorting.
    5% of batch Heavily Damaged 3% of that is possibly salvageable
    15% with pre neck damage consistent with the same weapon.
    The majority of that PSD looks like MG ammo as well as some of the LC
    Both have the same upper pre neck damage consistent with the same MG plus casings show signs of being linked and link corrosion.
    I have started sorting second box with half done it looks like less LC than before Ill be lucky to get 120 pieces. lots of PSD TAA and WCC
    same pre neck dings about .300 thousands across just before and on the beginning of neck taper sorry no picks.
    Well I'm glad I bought 2k Between the 2 I should get enough of each head-stamp to do something with them I do have a few different .308s that these 2 batches should suffice for now as plinking cases. going to look elseware for decent LC brass though need at least 2k of it.

    Review by walt (Posted on 7/1/16)

    Good useable brass

    I saw recent reviews saying they had gotten almost all LC brass but mine contained 426 LC and the rest 'other'. I can't complain because it's advertised as 'once fired'. Wideners is a great company to deal with. I used to order from them years ago, before the internet, when they advertised in the Shotgun News. Ah, the good old days.

    Review by mvintx (Posted on 6/29/16)

    Some were pretty bad and I discarded. Some had sticy coating that a lot of cleaning. Some bent case mouth that I discaded. Have reloaded some, no problems

    Worth the money, but had bent case mouth-discarded, some heavy corrosion-discarded. Most were sticky, but cleaned up well. Have loaded some, no problems yet.

    Review by Kim (Posted on 6/12/16)

    good useable brass

    I ordered 1,000 and based on some of the reviews, hoped that the majority would be LC. Not so. LC count was 426 and the remainder was 'other'. Can't complain though, it was advertised as once fired and once fired it was. Brass was in good shape with very few dents. Found 2 5.56 cases, 1 WCC with the primer intact and one fired blank.

    Review by mvintx (Posted on 6/9/16)

    good brass,lots of work

    Good mill brass but short by about 50 cases on two separate orders total 100 cases.Shipped by weight so the stones in the box take up some weight.Lots of work to clean and prep but that's Mil Surp brass.

    Review by brass (Posted on 5/2/16)

    Pay attention here!!!

    Purchased 2,000 of these. Out of the bunch, only a few (less than 20) were really dirty, others had powder residue that will polish off. Head stamps were mostly LC (80%) and WCC (15%), the rest TAA and PSD. If I remember correctly TAA is Israeli and PSD is Korean. Years were from 2007 to 2015. All in all well worth the money.

    Review by 1MARINE (Posted on 4/27/16)

    Good Brass

    Overall great purchase. Mine was all LC 12 and 13. Dirty and needed to swage primer pockets, but that's not surprising.

    Review by pd (Posted on 4/25/16)

    As advertized

    Box appears to be all Lc12 and seem to be in good condition. Checked these on my headspace gauge ad do not appear to be overstretch by a excessive headspaced machine gun but a tight one..Will buy again

    Review by Stevep51d (Posted on 4/24/16)

    Overall a pretty good deal

    Got 1000, like previously stated they are pretty dirty there was even P gravel in the box and inside some of the cases, I rinsed them over and over In a 5 gallon bucket dumping and rinsing and dumping and rinsing, but still broke 4 decapping pins while sizing them from dirt that was stuck in the base of the case.still it's a good deal for that many cases, there are several different head stamps in the batch I have received, I would buy them again.

    Review by Mike (Posted on 4/14/16)

    Some good some not so good.

    The good: My lot of this brass was all LC 12. No blanks or unusable cases. Not so good: It was very dirty but cleaned up pretty well after 4 hours of tumbling. The ugly: As stated by others, the cases were extremely scratched but I hope that sizing will smooth that out.

    Review by Michael (Posted on 3/28/16)

    Great Lake City Brass

    Excellent brass and had no issues. As with surplus, had to swage primer pockets, no issues. As always excellent product from Wideners.

    Review by Frank (Posted on 3/22/16)

    I purchased 1 box of 1000 of these..

    Once Fired 7.62x51mm Brass Casings – 1000 Pieces
    I purchased 1 box of 1000 of these.. They are dirty but reloadable.

    Review by Mike (Posted on 3/14/16)

    Good Stuff

    I am pretty happy with my purchase of 1000 cases. My batch is all LC 2012. I found 1 case with a small split in the body. One case with a repairable ding in the neck. Yes, you have to swage the primer pockets, but a small price to pay for the quality I received.

    Review by johneee (Posted on 3/13/16)

    Lake city bass

    I ordered a case of 308 win once fired and got mainly Lc bass of 67-88,mostly 74 & 68 plus some blanks . These are all mil surplus bass so you need to swage the primer pockets before reloading ,a dillion 600 swager will make short work of 1000 pc after breaking down by year headstamp . My 308 Ar will feed for spme time now .

    Review by shriner (Posted on 3/10/16)

    Once Fired 7.62x51mm Brass Casings – 1000 Pieces

    I purchased 1 box of 1000 of these.. They are extremely scratched like they went through a rock slide and very dirty.
    Yes..they are reloadable and yes you have to remove the primer crimp.
    Your choice.

    Review by Brad (Posted on 2/19/16)

  2. IMI 308 Winchester Match Grade New Unprimed Brass Casings - 1000 Casings

    Regular Price: $298.85

    Special Price: $285.00

    In stock

    Manufacturer Israeli Military Industries
    Ammo Caliber 308 Winchester (7.62X51)
    Quantity 1000

    IMI brass casings have earned a reputation in the shooting industry for being very high quality and perfect for your custom bench loads, and for reliable performance in M14/M1As. These 7.62 NATO/308 Winchester new production brass cases are un-primed and Match quality. IMI's Match grade brass is manufactured to near exact tolerances and is paired with some of the strictest quality control standards in the industry. IMI supplies ammunition to the Israel Defense Forces and their products are NATO qualified. You won't be disappointed with this 1000 piece box of premium, new production brass cases.

    While you are here, don't forget to check out Widener's great selection of 308 Bullets!

    **Note: this is not loaded ammunition**

    Customer Reviews

    Great Product

    IMI is the best bulk brass around.
    Excellent service from Wideners as usual.

    Review by Michael (Posted on 11/19/17)

    Outstanding new quality cases

    I was looking for new unprimed military weight cases like Lake City National Match or M118 Long Range. Unfortunately, these cases are hard to find and not new. IMI cases appeared perfect. I ordered one afternoon and received the IMI cases two days later. Excellent service. With shipping the cases were around $300.00 per 1,000. Thirty cents per case. The 1,000 cases arrived loose in one big box. Prior to reloading I neck sized the cases to insure the necks were uniform. I immediately loaded twelve rounds. In six I used CCI 200 primers and in the other six I used CCI 34 primers. For nine of the cases I used a primer pocket uniformer and reamed the flash holes. I didn’t have any primer seating problems. The three untouched cases primed easily also but I felt the primer pockets were slightly tighter. I used an RCBS Automatic Priming Tool for all twelve cases. All cases were checked with a L.E. Wilson case gauge and were within SAAMI specifications. Case length was between 2.005 and 2.012 inches unfired. The majority were around 2.010 inches. All lengths were within SAAMI specifications. I did have to chamfer the inside of the necks.

    Three cases from each primer group were fired in a 308 bolt rifle and an M1A. All chambered well and extracted well. Most of the bolt gun fired cases would still fit into the Wilson case gauge. The M1A cases were a little oversized. After resizing, the M1A cases exceeded the maximum case length, any where from 2.016 to 2.022 inches. But they did fit inside the Wilson case gauge at just below maximum headspace. The bolt gun cases, after resizing, were still under the 2.015 maximum case length and won’t need trimming, unlike the M1A fired cases.

    Bottom line, these are quality cases. They should be reloadable several times. The second reloading averages out to fifteen cents per case. This is fairly inexpensive compared to more softer expensive cases that get chewed up in an M1A. If you buy 1,000 cases I would expect you to be a serious reloader. As such, you probably have a primer pocket uniformer, case gauges, flash hole reamer, case trimmer etc. I didn’t have to swage any primer pockets. After dry media tumbling the cases still looked brand new. The Speer reloading manual #14 uses IMI cases for some of the 308 Winchester data.

    Review by Marine Distinguished (Posted on 11/4/17)

    Excellent brass

    Comparison of 30 random cases to like numbers of LC cases:
    IMI - Avg 179.8 grains, Extreme Spread 1.8 grains, SD 0481; LC 89 Match - 177.7, 3.1, 0.826; LC 75 - 177.9, 5.0, 1.21
    Caveat: LC cases are once shot then head spaced prepped and trimmed to 2.005" case length

    Review by Rufnek (Posted on 10/22/17)

    Great brass

    Excellent brass, cases were already prepped and ready to load. Primers went in smoothly, I checked a lot of cases with a case gauge and every one was spot on. Never tried the IMI brand before and won't hesitate using this brass again.

    Review by Mike (Posted on 5/22/17)


    This brass exceeded my expectations. I am new to .308 and didn't want to deal with machine gun fired 7.62 brass and thought I'd give these IMI cases a try. I recommend this product.

    Review by BuildnBurn (Posted on 5/3/17)

    All I ever use for long range rifles

    VERY GOOD BRASS, I like it better than any other.
    My hand loads out of the Rem 700 PSS,to the GA Precision high dollar bolt 700's,have consistently shot half inch and Below w/175 Sierras@ 0.15 off the max.
    It's case thickness requires you to start approx 2grs off max.
    Drive them to approx 2710,FGM 210, or CCI BR2's.
    Will get you unreal accuracy if you do your part.
    Used thousands over 20 yrs.

    Review by Doszap (Posted on 4/27/17)

    Best choice for self-loading match guns.

    As others suggested, this is traditional military weight. Unlike .223/5.56 and .30-06, for which U.S. military and commercial brass tend to be close in weight (actually LC is slightly lighter in .223), the .308/7.62, second only to the .300 WM, has more weight and powder capacity variation among headstamps than any other. This difference grew after Winchester designed the semi-balloon head brass for the 1992 Palma match, which got down in the 150 grain range, and which they adopted for regular .308 and some other brass later. Original Lake City brass was always closer to 180 grains. However, I understand that in 2012 ATK put out a request for new military case designs to reduce cartridge weight by 10%, and I don't know the status of that undertaking. But this IMI brass is like the orininal military spec brass, but tighter in weight tolerance and with cleaner mouth trimming, as mentioned.

    The first 30 cases I measured ran 179.3 to 181.2 grains, for a mean of 180.25 grains and an SD of about 0.55 grains. But I'll caution that this was grabbed off the surface of the box and was not a carefully random sample, so until I get time to weigh a few hundred, I won't be fully satisfied on either figure.

    My 0.0760" (minus 0.0002" tolerance) pin gauge was the fattest to pass through the IMI flash hole, where the new Starline brass I was evaluating recently passes a 0.0800" gauge, more like other commercial brass. So the IMI has about an 11% smaller gas vent aperture. But this is not as small as the 0.069" flash holes in some European brass, so I don't anticipate special treatment. If you are using one of the spherical powders that needs a magnum primer to ignite it consistently, this may actually help the gas pay out a little more gradually into the case and influencing pressure variation slightly less. But if you see ingition issues (high MV SD on the chronograph is a clue if you don't own a Pressure Trace or a standard pressure barrel), figure to use a 0.080" or 0.081" flash hole reamer on a few to see if that helps.

    The primer pockets on all IMI brass can be tight. I had some of their .45 Auto MATCH at one point that I had to run through my Dillon primer pocket swager like crimped brass before my Dillon Square Deal could seat primers in it properly. The SAAMI spec for large primer pocket diameter is 0.2085"-0.2100". My 0.2090" pin gauge will not fit either the IMI or Starline pockets, but the 0.2080" gauge drops to the bottom of the Starline and wiggles slightly, while it will only go about half way into an IMI primer pocket. I figure IMI may be targeting 5.28 mm, which is 2.079", and is slightly below U.S. standard size range. So don't expect the tight TulAmmo or Wolf primers to squeeze into these willingly. You'll want to swage or open the pockets with a #4 reamer (0.209") for those. The Federal primers will squeeze in, and folks using maximum pressures will be happy to have a little extra tightness for primer pocket diameter to grow a little over several load cycles.

    Like military and commercial brass here, the neck wall total indicated runout is typically somewhere around 0.002"-0.003", with a some smaller and some larger. For bolt gun match loads, you'll either want to sort the best ones out or outside-turn the necks uniform. But in self-loaders I don't think you benefit much from going to that trouble.

    So, if you still shoot Palma or other 1000 yard disciplines with a .308, you may want lighter brass to be able to squeeze an extra couple of grains of powder in and gain a few feet per second. But for M1A, .308 Garand, and AR10 type rifles, the IMI brass is the thing to have at the moment. If you shoot Benchrest, you probably want Lapua or Norma brass for its tight wall runout. But for rugged brass that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, especially for self-loaders, this IMI Match brass is the ticket. Impossible to beat at this price. I gave it 5 stars for being the best match to this purpose.

    Review by Unclenick (Posted on 2/14/17)

    Excellent Brass

    Purchased brass looking for something between machine gun fired LC Brass and the expensive Lapua Brass for my bolt guns. This brass is extremely nice, very uniform and loads right out of the box with minimal prep. The brass is heavy like LC brass so when working loads start low and work up watching for pressure. Some data tables will give loads using lighter Winchester brass and you will not get to the max loads listed in those manuals. Other than that, this brass is high quality, match grade material. Might buy another 1000 :)

    Review by Robert (Posted on 2/1/17)

    Bright consistent brass.

    Found brass to be uniform and case mouths chamfered ready for loading. A few cases required a pass over the sizing die expander ball to round up the mouth. Primer pockets are tighter than other brands of brass, but should extend loading life of the cases. I use Federal 210M for bolt gun loads, and Remington 9-1/2 primers for M1A loads. Both required 'firm pressure' on the priming tool handle to seat the primers below the bottom of the case. Overall, these cases can be put into service with minimal prep work; more so than all other brands except maybe the most expensive. Test loads with match grade 168 gr bullets resulted in sub MOA groups at 100 yds. Next test will be 175 gr loads at 600 yds. Expectations are that this brass will not detract from accuracy performance at that range based on 100 yard test firings.

    Review by Boomer13 (Posted on 12/8/16)

    Beautiful brass

    Excellent quality brass, as advertised.

    Review by Artifex (Posted on 12/4/16)

    High quality, great value!

    These are beautiful cases, nice polish, nice finish. Some out of round mouths due to bulk shipping to be expected, they all go thru the process anyway. Overall great value! Will buy again!

    Review by Mike (Posted on 9/25/16)

2 product(s)