308 Win / 7.62x51mm Brass Casings

The sky's the limit when it comes to creating your own .308 Winchester loads. Start here with some quality 308 Winchester brass from the best brands like Top Brass and IMI, then check out our selection of other components. Whether you want to create a tack-driving match load or a hard-hitting one for hunting, we have the supplies you need. Look for both factory new and once-fired options for sale as well as both primed and unprimed .308 brass casings in-stock.

The .308 Winchester uses large rifle primers which are also available from Widener's.

This cartridge serves as the parent for several others including the .243 Win and 7mm-08 Remington; with the right tools and skills, reloaders can use .308 brass to load for these calibers as well.

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  1. Armscor 308 Winchester New Unprimed Brass Casings - 1000 Casings

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    Manufacturer Armscor
    Ammo Caliber 308 Winchester (7.62X51)
    Manufacturer SKU 52510
    Quantity 1000

    Suppose you grew up eating nothing but delicious home-baked pies, only to try your first non-home-baked pie at some fast food restaurant where the employees are only marginally aware of the concepts of handwashing and refrigeration. You wouldn’t think it’s a very good pie, now would you?

    Handloaders tend to have this same sort of reaction to factory loaded 308 Win. Once they have pored over every little detail of their rifle cartridges, the mass produced stuff becomes lackluster by comparison. And so we have these 1000 brand new 308 brass cases for reloading, fresh from their factory in the Philippines and ready to be put to work.

    Armscor is a busy reloading component producer, and their cases offer the consistent quality you’d want for your target shooting or hunting rounds. Each case in this unit has a correctly centered flash hole, concentric mouth, consistent rim, and sufficient strength to be fired multiple times. All you’ll need to do is magic up some primers, propellant and bullets and you’ll be well on your way to 308-ville!

    Customer Reviews

    great buy would buy more if i could

    easy to work with put a small flare on the case mouth it does 2 things at the same time it removes any burs and it takes out any dings in the necks and makes loading long bullets a breeze then prime and load the length was so close I didn't bother trimming them.

    Review by bullet man (Posted on 6/30/2021)

1 product(s)