38 Special Ammo

The most widely used revolver cartridge in the world is surely .38 Special ammo, a balanced caliber that offers solid all-around performance for target shooting and self-defense. While the traditional .38 Special load typically fires a 158 grain lead bullet at a relatively low velocity, modern self-defense ammo often opts for a lighter 110-130 grain projectile and a higher velocity approaching 1,000 feet per second. This is due to the nature of jacketed hollow point bullets, which expand more reliably at higher velocities. .38 Special cartridges can be fired in .357 Magnum revolvers, making them an excellent low-cost, low-recoil alternative choice for owners of such firearms.

.38 Special handguns are often used for concealed carry. Additionally, an LEO who is typically issued a semi-automatic pistol may choose to also carry a compact backup gun so he can perform a "New York Reload"--a quick switch from an empty primary weapon to a fully loaded secondary weapon. The .38 Special is a common caliber for this purpose.

While not historically accurate to the "Wild West" period, the .38 lends itself well to action shooting. Cowboy loads in .38 Special use bare lead in order to play nice with steel targets; they're also lighter-shooting than typical range ammo in order to help the user make fast, accurate shots without regard to stopping power.

You'll find 38 special ammunition frequently in-stock from CCI, Magtech, Federal, Winchester and other great brands here at Widener's. You can see all our available rounds for sale below.

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