30 Carbine Bullets

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The United States made more than six million M1, M2, and M3 carbines during the Second World War, as well as unimaginable amounts of ammo for them. So great were the stockpiles of surplus ammo that the 30 Carbine remained an extremely affordable cartridge for decades after Japan’s surrender. We still see some mil-surp trickling in from South Korea, but more and more shooters are turning to handloading to ensure their steady, affordable supply of 30 Carbine ammo.

The original carbines were designed to fire the standard ball cartridge: 110 grain FMJ, 1,990 fps muzzle velocity. The round’s 967 ft lbs muzzle energy out of an 18 inch barrel is comparable to that of a 357 Magnum, and well suited for predators like foxes and coyote. As it was designed for engaging human-sized targets (also known as humans) the 30 Carbine will prove underpowered for deer hunting.

The most popular .30 carbine bullets will forever remain 110 grain FMJs, simply because military weapons perform best with the very specific loads they were designed for. But since a 30 Carbine load could theoretically include any .308 diameter bullet of a reasonable weight, experimentation is certainly on the table.

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