22 Savage High Power Bullets

The world met 22 Savage Hi-Power bullets in 1912. Created by necking down a 25-35 WCF to accept a .228” diameter bullet, the 22 Savage Hi-Power won immediate popularity for its approximately 2,800 fps muzzle velocity, superior accuracy out of the lever-action Savage Model 99 it was designed for, and apparently miraculous killing power. There are records of men killing Cape buffalo with the 22 Savage Hi-Power’s 70 grain bullet – and that is a violent, vindictive creature which you wouldn’t want to have to shoot twice!

Despite its former popularity, American manufacturers ceased production of the 22 Savage Hi-Power in 2007. (European manufacturers continue to offer it as the 5.6x52mmR.) Handloaders who work in the vintage round most often use 60 grain spire points -and 63 or 70 grain soft points. The case’s 35 grain capacity grants lightweight bullets muzzle velocities that approach or exceed 3,000 fps, while heavier bullets may still exceed 2,800 fps thanks to modern propellant formulations.

Hunters most often use the 22 Savage Hi-Power in situations that could also have called for a 223 Rem. The round persists as a popular choice for roe deer in Europe, so an American hunter could certainly implement it for our whitetail.

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