7mm-08 Ammo

A former wildcat cartridge commecialized by Remington in 1980, 7mm-08 ammo is based on a necked down .308 Winchester case. It fires a 140-150 grain .284 bullet at a muzzle velocity of between 2,600-2,900 feet per second. Notable advantages of this caliber include below-average recoil, flat trajectories, and sufficient power to take any small or medium sized game.

Many manufacturers produce hunting loads for the 7mm-08 including Remington, Winchester, Nosler, Federal, and Hornady. Look at our in-stock line-up for sale on this page.

A wide variety of rifles can be obtained in this caliber including the Remington 700, Browning BLR, Kimber 84, and even several variants of the AR-10.

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