300 Blackout Brass Casings

Although the .300 AAC Blackout is gaining popularity with many shooters and manufacturers are following suit, it's usually far more economical to reload your own ammo if you have the brass available--and we can help you with that! Start here with these 300 Blackout brass casings for sale.

Primers for the .300 AAC are typically of the small rifle variety.

With the proper configuration, you can create subsonic .300 AAC loads that work well with suppressors and still cycle the action of your AR-15.

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  1. Top Brass Casings 300 AAC Blackout Reconditioned Unprimed Brass – 1000

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    Manufacturer Top Brass
    Ammo Caliber 300 AAC Blackout
    Primer Type Boxer
    Manufacturer SKU DP-8B300BLKMY-M
    Quantity 1000

    Top Brass 300 AAC Blackout reconditioned casings are a great choice for your custom bench loads. This 1000 round pack is filled with once fired 223/5.56 casings that have been converted to 300 AAC Blackout. Top Brass implements rigorous quality control procedures and regular tests for accuracy, safety and consistency when converting casings. These casings have been cleaned, converted, reamed and are ready to be primed and re-loaded.

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    **Note: this is not loaded ammunition**

1 product(s)