458 Win Mag Bullets

458 Win Mag Bullets for Reloading

How many times has this happened to you? You go down to your kitchen in the middle of the night to fix yourself a baloney sandwich and a tall, cool glass of chocolate milk. You open up your syrup cabinet and BAM – inside is an enraged elephant. You should have brought along your Winchester Model 70 African rifle!

But that rifle’s not much good without the requisite 458 Winchester Magnum ammunition. It’s not exactly ammo you can find at the corner store, which is why the truly prepared big game hunter makes sure they have a steady supply of 458 Win Mag bullets.

The 458 Win Mag appropriately needs .458 bullets. Fortunately the popularity of the 45-70 Government means such bullets aren’t in short supply, and you can even use 45-70’s classic 405 grain projectile. Other popular bullet weights for the 458 Win Mag include 300 grains, 350 grains, 400 grains, and 500 grains. If you can find 510 grain .458 bullets you can load to the round’s original specifications with a 2,150 fps muzzle velocity through a 26 barrel. You’re going to want a non-expanding solid point if you’re squaring off against a thick-skinned beast like a rhino, hippo, or syrup cabinet elephant.

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