416 Rem Mag Bullets

Looking for 416 bullets for reloading? Then you’ve found the right place!

The 416 bullet is most often used for handloading the 416 Remington Magnum. A popular choice for hunting large and dangerous game, there are few beasts alive that the big bore cartridge’s 350 or 400 grain bullet is incapable of toppling following a muzzle velocity ranging from 2,200 to 2,600 fps.

416 Rem Mag was actually conceived as a more economical alternative to the 416 Rigby, which had been introduced 78 years earlier by John Rigby & Company. Rather than obsoleting the 416 Rigby, the 416 Rem Mag actually sparked renewed interest in .416 caliber firearms. It gave rise to the 416 Ruger and the 416 Weatherby Magnum, both viable choices for beasts which you’d rather not have to shoot a second time like elephant and the tenacious Cape buffalo. You can also make great use of 416 bullets for reloading to craft the 416 Barrett, a fine alternative to the 50 BMG, as well as the 416 Taylor which itself is a necked down version of the 458 Winchester Magnum.

Large game hunters often prefer solid point round nose projectiles, as their inability to expand enables them to reach the largest animals’ well-protected vital organs. If you haven’t got any 416 Rem Mag brass at your disposal, then you could always neck up some 8mm Remington Magnum cases. Only thing left to do after that will be to find an elephant.

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