44 Special Bullets

44 Special Bullets for Reloading

This page contains only bullets. These products are meant for reloaders. If you want rounds ready to shoot, please head to our 44 special ammunition page.

The 44 Special is more than just the precursor to the 44 Magnum. It can also let you fire a revolver chambered for 44 Magnum with less recoil – and more affordably at that.

44 Special bullets for reloading are usually available in weights of 180, 200, 240, and 246 grains. The 246 grain bullet may seem like the odd man out, but it is the original bullet weight for the 44 Special which carries over from its parent round the 44 Russian. (Which was also developed by S&W, despite what its name suggests.) At .429 in diameter the 44 Special bullet falls right within the 40 caliber range that Americans around the turn of the 19th century believed best for self-defense.

The 44 Special case is .190 inches longer than the 44 Russian case, which gives space for six additional grains of powder. In spite of this, the original 44 Special performed nearly identically to its parent. Loaded closer to the SAAMI max pressure of 15,500 psi, however, a 200 grain 44 Special bullet can deliver a 33 percent faster muzzle velocity accompanied by a 50 percent greater power factor. "
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