5.6x52R Bullets

5.6x52R Bullets for Reloading

The 5.6x52R, also known as the 22 Savage Hi-Power, was introduced by Savage Arms in 1912 for use in their Model 99 rifle. In essence the cartridge is a 25-35 WCF case necked down to seat a .228 diameter projectile. (Too bad it’s only a fraction away from being able to use the ubiquitous .224 bullet.) The original loading implemented a 70 grain soft point loaded to deliver a muzzle velocity of 2,790 fps, although faster muzzle velocities are certainly manageable.

While the 5.6x52R enjoys a large following in Europe, it has mostly fallen out of favor in America and accordingly none of our major ammo manufacturers produce it. Hornady does produce a 70 grain .227 diameter spire point which they recommend for hunting varmints and other small game. This particular bullet can deliver a muzzle velocity of 3,100 fps to provide an impressively flat trajectory at 200 yards.

In its heyday the 22 Savage Hi-Power was considered a far more versatile round. Its efficacy at felling deer is well recorded, and indeed that is one of its primary uses in Europe where it remains popular. The Savage Model 99 has even squared off against 400 pound tigers and won the day.

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