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  1. MagLULA StripLULA 5.56mm NATO / .223 Rem AR-15 Magazine Speed-Loader

    MagLULA StripLULA 5.56mm NATO / .223 Rem AR-15 Magazine Speed-Loader


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    Ammo Caliber 223 Remington
    Manufacturer MagLULA
    Manufacturer SKU SL50B

    The StripLULA by Maglula Ltd. is one of the most versatile speed loaders you can buy due to its ability to load .223 Remington ammunition from 10-round stripper clips or loose rounds. The loader maintains this flexibility without any change in parts or position and is compatible with all STANAG 4179 magazines including USGI aluminum, Magpul PMAGs, Lancer, Troy, TangoDown, and many more! In addition, the StripLULA acts as an expedient unloader for cleaning, clearing, and changing ammunition type.

    Using the pocket-sized loader is very simple; attach the flared opening to the top of the magazine's spine, insert a stripper clip or up to ten loose rounds, then flip the loading panel over the top of the loader and press it towards the magazine. The StripLULA possesses a durable, open-face, reinforced polymer design which allows dirt and grime to fall away and will withstand years of abuse in cargo pockets, gear bags, and tool kits.

    Unloading with StripLULA is a mere matter of gravity. While holding a loaded magazine with the rounds pointing downward, use the bottom tab of the loader to depress the second round in the stack until the first one is released. From there, give the loader a few degrees in rotation and it will depress the next round; repeat this process and you'll find that the magazine is empty within a few seconds.

1 product(s)