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  1. Speer .224 Diameter Bullets - 50 Grain HP TNT - 1000


    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 13.0¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 50 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 223 Rem
    Quantity 1000
    Bullet Type Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP)
    Manufacturer Speer
    Manufacturer SKU 4705

    Any hunter who wants a fast, effective, and accurate round for wild hog, coyote, and other medium to small game should seriously consider the .223 Remington cartridge. These rounds have quickly become one of the most popular loads over the past decade, and these bullets will help you with all your reloading needs.

    When you order this box, you’ll get 1,000 bullets of 50-grain ammunition. While the bullet is lighter than the more-common 55-grain projectile, this .223 bullet is still effective when it comes to both speed and accuracy. The hollow point ensures consistent expansion while the light design ensures excellent accuracy, even at a distance.

    Speer is a well-known name in the ammo industry. They have a wide selection of ammo and reloading choices ranging from .22 to .45-caliber cartridges. From handguns to rimfire rounds, Speer has the bullets you need for all of your shooting sports.

    Customer Reviews

    Excellent performance as expected.

    Good accuracy, good performance on prairie dogs.

    Review by Norm (Posted on 9/18/2021)

    Already recommended to two people..

    Have already recommended you to two people. A pleasant surprise to find a company doing business based upon their word, and mine. Product was shipped complete and quickly and was paid for, by personal check, upon receipt. Cannot remember last time I found a company doing business in this manner.

    Review by Lou (Posted on 2/21/2021)

    I was impressed with the overall quality, dissapointed in online sale

    The quality of the bullets I bought were outstanding. 4-star. I would have rather seen a curved or tapered bottom, makes loading easier. These were flat. I accidentally ordered these. It was a mistake I made myself. But, I went to cancel the order right after it was processed and there were no way to cancel the order. I sent an email but by the time they replied the order was already packaged. I think the company needs to improve their website fuctions.

    The bullets performed just fine and I look forward to using all 1,000. As soon as I can find some primers.

    Review by Daniel (Posted on 10/25/2020)

    Worth it!

    I bought these on a whim hoping for a good, accurate and inexpensive projectile. I got exactly what I was hoping for!

    Review by Ty (Posted on 4/12/2020)

    Outstanding and inexpensive

    Shot a .660 3 shot group at 320 yards this evening. Have shot several sub .3" at 100. This is from a 1-12 ar-15. I only bought 1k when on sale because I didn't know how they would shoot. Now I know! Can't wait to take pdoggin!

    Review by Matt (Posted on 7/22/2016)

  2. Speer .224 Diameter Bullets - 40 Grain Spire SP - 100 Count

    Speer .224 Diameter Bullets - 40 Grain Spire SP - 100 Count


    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 16.0¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 40 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 223 Rem
    Quantity 100
    Bullet Type Spire Soft Point (SSP)
    Manufacturer Speer
    Manufacturer SKU 1017

    Customer Reviews

    advertised wrong

    Widner's advertised these as ".223 diameter" and used that description in my emailed order and packing slip. When arrived, the box is marked .224. If I wanted .224 i would have ordered a product advertised as .224 diameter. Measuring the bullets reveals thy are indeed .224, not as advertised.

    Review by bill (Posted on 8/22/2021)

    Great product.

    Easy to load. Would definitely recommend!

    Review by Mike (Posted on 3/21/2021)

    218 Bee application

    Loaded 218 Bee with this bullet and found it very acceptable. Used in a bolt action Winchester so a flat point wasn’t needed.

    Review by Chuck (Posted on 3/10/2021)

    very satisfied

    I found a load that made these work very well in my CZ527. I would definitly purchase again.

    Review by Doug (Posted on 3/3/2021)

    quality product

    no surprises just a great product.

    Review by Nate (Posted on 2/22/2021)

    Great bullet

    Bullets work great for loading 22 TCM

    Review by John (Posted on 2/15/2021)

2 product(s)