50 BMG Bullets

50 Cal Bullets for Reloading

Ah, the 50 BMG. It’s not just good if you want to set long distance sniping records. It’s also perfect if you find a groundhog in your vegetable garden and want to banish it to a different dimension. No one could argue that the cartridges are cheap – but thanks to 50 cal bullets for reloading handloaders can reduce their 50 BMG ammo cost by over 50 percent!

You’ll want a dedicated 50 BMG reloading press for this delicate operation. It’s a big case, to say the least, and resizing it will take more pressure than what you might have used for a 223 Rem. You’ll need a special primer that is specialized for the 50 BMG: the No. 35. You’ll need the right propellant to fill up the 50 BMG’s 292.8 grain case capacity.

You’ll also need 50 cal bullets, quite naturally. 50 BMG bullets for reloading are available in a few different styles and weights. The current world record for longest confirmed sniper kill was achieved using Hornady’s A-MAX, which is available in 750 grains. If you’d prefer something conventional for your M82, you may use 660 grain FMJs to load your own equivalent of M33. Penetrators, armor piercers, and incendiaries may prove a little harder to come by on the commercial market.

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