38 Super Ammo

Introduced in 1929 by Colt as an alternative chambering for the 1911 pistol, the .38 Super has evolved from an armor-penetrating fighting cartridge used by Prohibition-era FBI agents and gangsters to a competitive powerhouse used in IPSC and USPSA "racegun" matches.

.38 Super ammo is sometimes downloaded to 9mm levels for target shooting. These loads are good for high-volume practice, as full-power .38 Super loads are just as tiring to shoot as .45 ACP ones. Ammunition that seeks to take better advantage of the cartridge's potential usually fires a medium weight bullet in the 130 grain range at a velocity of around 1,300-1,400 feet per second. This combination is particularly good with jacketed hollow points, delivering strong, balanced penetration and expansion.

Most .38 Super handguns are 1911 derivatives, though the EAA Witness and SIG P220 offer interesting alternatives. These pistols all make great self-defense firearms provided they can be concealed effectively; self-defense ammo is available from a variety of manufacturers including Winchester, Corbon, and Buffalo Bore. You can find our in-stock 38 Super ammo line-up for sale below.

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