10mm Brass Casings

10mm brass casings are perfect for the guy who shoots a ton of pistol rounds and wants to save a little bit of cash or wants to maximize performance. Many factory loads for the 10mm Auto don't take full advantage of the cartridge's case length and full ballistic potential--or emulate the performance of hotter defensive ammo. Reloading with once fired brass is a good way to better train with this caliber and save money at the same time.

10mm Auto ammo uses large pistol primers, which you can also get right here at Widener's.

Jagemann, Starline, and Top Brass are some of the well-regarded choices when it comes to 10mm brass for sale. See everything that we have in-stock when it comes to of once-fired and factory new 10mm brass below.

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  1. Jagemann Brass Casings 10mm Auto New Unprimed – 100

    Jagemann Brass Casings 10mm Auto New Unprimed – 100


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    Manufacturer Jagemann
    Ammo Caliber 10mm Auto
    Manufacturer SKU 11965
    Quantity 100

    These new production 10mm Auto casings are an ideal choice for all of your custom loads. Called "Jag Brass," these un-primed cases undergo several quality control tests such as mercurial nitrite testing and Vickers hardness testing. These tests ensure that the final products are corrosion resistant and have consistent hardness making them very durable. This 10mm brass is manufactured to meet SAAMI specifications and is rated for a max pressure of 37,500 psi. Automated dimensional inspections allow each casing to be precisely measured so uniformity is guaranteed not only from lot to lot, but piece to piece. Due to in-house engineering and tooling capabilities, Jag Brass is manufactured to match-grade tolerances to deliver exceptional performance every time.

    Jagemann Stamping Company is a leading manufacturer of deep drawn, progressive, and fine blanked stampings. Founded in 1946, Jagemann has earned a global reputation for delivering high quality products that exceed their customer's expectations. Several US ammunition manufacturers get their OEM brass from Jagemann for their new production loads. These cases are made in America in their Manitowoc, Wisconsin facility using only the industries best raw materials and advanced machinery.

1 product(s)