10mm Brass Casings

10mm brass casings are perfect for the guy who shoots a ton of pistol rounds and wants to save a little bit of cash or wants to maximize performance. Many factory loads for the 10mm Auto don't take full advantage of the cartridge's case length and full ballistic potential--or emulate the performance of hotter defensive ammo. Reloading with once fired brass is a good way to better train with this caliber and save money at the same time.

10mm Auto ammo uses large pistol primers, which you can also get right here at Widener's.

Jagemann, Starline, and Top Brass are some of the well-regarded choices when it comes to 10mm brass for sale. See everything that we have in-stock when it comes to of once-fired and factory new 10mm brass below.

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  1. Armscor Brass Casings - 10mm - New Unprimed - 2000


    In stock

    Manufacturer Armscor
    Ammo Caliber 10mm Auto
    Primer Type Not Applicable
    Manufacturer SKU 52171
    Quantity 2000

    Please note: This is not loaded ammunition. These are empty brass cases for handloading. They have no bullets, primers, or propellant.

    You’ll only find two types of people working on a big case. The first is a detective, no doubt tracking down punks and interrogating jazz club singers in between smoking five packs of cigarettes a day. The second is a handloader working on a batch of 10mm ammunition – who had absolutely better not be smoking at all.

    We can’t help the detective track down punks, but we’ve got exactly what the handloader needs. This big carton of 2,000 10mm cases by Armscor makes the perfect foundation for a massive reloading project. Armscor is based in the Philippines where they draw and cut consistent quality brass to load their own ammunition, but they’re just as happy to part with their cases before they’ve done anything beyond creating them.

    These precision engineered cases boast uniform extractor grooves, concentric walls, and the suppleness they need to make multiple trips through a reloading press. Their flash holes are well-centered as well, but unlike some other manufacturers’ cases they are not yet primed. Make sure you have 2,000 Boxer primers ready to go – and bullets and propellant too, of course!

1 product(s)