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  1. Amend2 AR-15 - 5.56x45mm 30 Round - Black Magazine

    Amend2 AR-15 - 5.56x45mm 30 Round - Black Magazine

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    Special Price: $7.95

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    Ammo Caliber 5.56/.223 Rem
    Manufacturer Amend2
    Manufacturer SKU AR1530BLK
    Quantity 1
    UPC Barcode 881314396702

    These sturdy magazines from Amend2 are your AR-15's best buddy on the range or in the field. Each mag is constructed with impact resistant polymer that won't deform when dropped or otherwise roughly handled in training or tactical situations. Extensive texturing molded into the body of the magazine helps you maintain a firm grip for fast, positive reloads.

    Inside the mag, you'll find a sturdy stainless steel spring and an anti tilt follower designed to provide reliable feeding of .223 Rem, 5.56 NATO, .204 Ruger, or .300 BLK cartridges into your rifle. These magazines hold 30 rounds of .223/5.56 ammo; expect slightly lower capacity with higher caliber cartridges.

    Amend2 is based in Idaho Falls and produces their magazines in the USA. The company was established in 2013 and leverages expertise in industrial plastic molding to produce quality mags at a reasonable price.

    These mags are black but can be Cerakoted in a variety of colors to suit personal needs and preferences.

  2. Mil-Spec Ammo Can - 50 Cal M2A1 - Green - 1

    Mil-Spec Ammo Can - 50 Cal M2A1 - Green - 1

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    Special Price: $10.95

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    Manufacturer Military Surplus
    Manufacturer SKU 970032
    Quantity 1

    Looking for a tough, durable carrying case for your ammunition? Then you need to order a few of these military-spec ammo cans. They give you a reliable way to store and carry your ammo while protecting each cartridge from wetness and physical damage. No matter what type of ammo you need to store, these ammo cans are perfect for the job.

    Built to the tough standards of the U.S. military, the 50 Cal M2A1 box can hold all the rifle, handgun, or shotgun ammo you need for an afternoon of hunting or target shooting. Made of high-quality steel, this is the correct answer to your ammo storage concerns.

    Don’t take any chances with your ammo by storing them in a cardboard box. Make sure they are protected from the elements by using this high-quality ammo can. Experienced gun owners know the value of a sturdy ammo can, so order yours today.

    Customer Reviews


    Brand new ammo cans at a fantastic price!

    Review by ripstop (Posted on 6/18/17)

    Just what I needed

    I've bought several of these cans & they are perfect for storing ammo and reloading components.

    Review by classic Bob (Posted on 9/5/16)

  3. Glock 21 - 45 ACP 13 Round - Factory Magazine

    Glock 21 - 45 ACP 13 Round - Factory Magazine

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    Special Price: $19.95

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    Ammo Caliber 45 ACP (Auto)
    Manufacturer Glock
    Manufacturer SKU MF91321
    Quantity 1

    If you have a Glock 21 handgun, you can get an outstanding magazine that meets the high standards you have come to expect. Glock is a leader in firearm technology, so order this magazine and you’ll be able to load 13 cartridges of .45 ACP ammo into your Glock 21 pistol. Get the performance you deserve with this factory magazine.

    This magazine will make a perfect backup clip for your training and target shooting. It is a factory-original magazine, so you know you’re getting the same quality that you expect from all of your Glock products. It will also make a great primary magazine if your current clip is becoming worn or broken.

    Glock is one of the most innovative companies in the world. This firearms manufacturer is known for simple, intelligent designs that are perfect for law enforcement and private use. Whether it’s hunting, target shooting, or personal defense, Glock has fully capable and reliable products.

  4. Hornady .338 Diameter Bullets - 285 Grain HPBT MATCH - 50 Count

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    Special Price: $27.95

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    Cost Per Bullet 55.9¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 285 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 338 Lapua
    Quantity 50
    Bullet Type Hollow-Point Boat Tail (HP-BT)
    Manufacturer Hornady
    Manufacturer SKU 3339

    Hornady's Boat Tail Hollow Point (BTHP) Match projectiles are a top-of the-line choice for serious long range shooters. All Hornday Match bullets utilize AMP technology that results in the most consistently concentric jackets on the market. Each bullet in this box of 50 is .338" diameter, 285 grains, and has a secant ogive profile. This profile reduces drag to provide flatter trajectories and promote stable flight.

    Each bullet has a swaged lead core to provide balanced and consistent performance. Hornady customizes the length and angle of the boat tail for each specific caliber, so these .338 projectiles have the ideal ballistic coefficient.

    Don't forget to check out Widener's selection of Brass, while you're here.

    **This is not loaded ammunition.**

  5. Military Surplus .224 Diameter Bullets - 55 Grain FMJ - 500 Count

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    Special Price: $42.95

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    Cost Per Bullet 8.2¢ to 8.6¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 55 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 223 Rem
    Quantity 500
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Manufacturer General Dynamics

    If you are the type of gun owner who demands the best bullets for your reloading needs, then you’re going to want a high-quality load for every possible purpose. Whether it’s target practice, self defense, or hunting, you need a projectile that is accurate and reliable. These military-surplus bullets will give you the consistency you desire with excellent performance downrange. When loaded properly, these bullets are outstanding.

    With this package, you’ll get 500 full metal jacket bullets that were originally designed for military use. The full metal jacket bullet gives you the high-quality performance that you expect. They are incredibly accurate, but their greatest benefit is minimum fouling in the barrel. The 55-grain bullets give you speed and precision, allowing you to get the target practice you need.

    These bullets will ensure you have the firing consistency you desire. If you demand the best, don’t put anything other than high-quality military bullets in your .223 rifle loads.

    Customer Reviews

    Great bullets!!

    Good bullets for a great price. Fast shipping as well. Looking forward to producing quality rounds!

    Review by Scott M. (Posted on 5/25/17)

    Great product

    Fast shipping . Great price . Will use again

    Review by fuzzy (Posted on 5/7/17)

    Great product

    Afoordable and accurate and good shipping time couldn't ask for more

    Review by Ryoho (Posted on 4/16/17)

    Good Product

    Haven't used them yet, but quality looks excellent.

    Review by shooter (Posted on 3/19/17)

    Good product for price

    Very happy with product but thought product took a long time to arrive.

    Review by Markymark (Posted on 1/15/17)

    Great deal

    Good quality, fairly consistent loads. I did notice a slight difference in overall length by .005" over the lot. Could've been my equipment, who knows. Close enough for me to be very happy with this product. Hard to find rounds at a good price. Win win.

    Review by Ethan (Posted on 1/1/17)

    Reasonable value for price

    The bullet is adequate for the price. Its not as accurate as a comparable hornady bullet but that is expected.

    Review by Can (Posted on 12/26/16)


    Very pleased. Will order again soon. Thanks

    Review by Rick (Posted on 12/14/16)

    received them right away

    they shoot a nice group and the price is right

    Review by st (Posted on 12/11/16)

    Great product, service and price

    Exactly as described, shipped fast and a decent price. What else do you want?

    Review by NotSoMuch (Posted on 12/5/16)

    Great product for the price.

    These are worth the money! I'll definitely be purchasing more as my budget allows.

    Review by JerryS (Posted on 11/28/16)

    Good value for the money

    I had really good groups with these bullets. In my 223 they performed well and grouped less than MOA. Would recommend these to anyone.

    Review by Bobby (Posted on 11/14/16)

    It was so good I doubled my order.

    I originally order 1000 rounds but a couple of days later I ordered another 1000. When they arrived one of the bags busted open but it was all contained in the box. I reloaded the first 1000 rounds and liked the bullets so much I ordered another 2000. Very happy with the whole purchase.

    Review by Pastenseverb (Posted on 11/9/16)

    Great product!

    Excellent consistency, great price and fast shipping. A winning combo. Will definitely order again.

    Review by Matty (Posted on 9/26/16)

    Solid product

    Super fast delivery in solid packaging.....best price ive found online and as far as accuracy wont find much better definitely a solid product....ordered 1000 and will be a repeat offender keep up the good work

    Review by Riptide (Posted on 9/17/16)

    good buy!

    Excellent accurate bullets at a good price! I plan on ordering more of these projectiles and more in other calibers as well. Thank you Widener's for great quality products at reasonable prices and fast shipping too!

    Review by burnt0013 (Posted on 9/12/16)

    Bullets are great the packaging needs help

    The bullets are great and are great for weekend plinking. I ordered a 1000 and both bags were ripped and my UPS guy gave me the ones that he found in his truck that escaped the box. For .04 a piece I wasn't going to wast my time counting but I'm sure more than a few got out of the box before reaching my house.

    Review by Newb reloader (Posted on 8/24/16)

    Purchased 2000 bullets, they arrived in a timley manner,excellent quality and only cost .09 cents a piece, cant beat the price

    Very happy with the quality for military surplus bullets. great price, will buy from them again

    Review by Doug (Posted on 8/24/16)

    Great value

    Best pills at the best price. Get them while you can before the crazy starts again.

    Review by Greg (Posted on 8/21/16)

    Review of purchase, shipment, and customer service.

    This review is only for my overall purchasing experience as I have yet to reload any of the projectiles. Wideners was the best priced and shipment was speedy out to the West coast. I had one tiny concern about my shipment when it arrived (after further review there was no issue at all) and Wideners customer service was quick on the draw to help me figure everything out. When I received the product I examined it and it appears to be in absolute perfect shape.

    Review by Joseph (Posted on 8/18/16)

    Excellent value

    Exceptional value. This is my third time purchasing these. Way better than the last batch of Winchester I bought. I weighed each one individually. The spread ranged from 54.7 to 55.4. The bulk of them were exactly 55.0 on a Frankford Arsenal and a RCBS scale. Will definitely buy again.

    Review by Noveskefan (Posted on 8/14/16)

    Great Value

    Bought these in 500 bullet lots to make sure that the product was accurate. Good accuracy and the best price that I have been able to find that are new, un-pulled, boat-tail bullets. The first worked so well, that I have bought another 500 and will continue to buy them in the future. The only issue I have is that the store is only 100 miles away from my location and Fed-Ex takes 5 days to get them to me....and the trucks pass me twice while going to hubs. Small issue in grand scale and won't stop me from future purchases...just order a couple of days before I start getting really low.

    Review by DougK (Posted on 8/14/16)

    these look great very well made

    Excellent price with prompt shipping as always with Wideners. Only one small hiccup the bag had the top cut off, so everything was rolling loose in the box. The box started to come apart, so I was concerned if everything was still there. I counted and surprisingly non had fallen out yet.

    Review by Dave (Posted on 8/3/16)

    Great bargin

    First time purchasing theses. Excellent quality and uniformity. I'll definitely be back for more.

    Review by Chuck (Posted on 7/18/16)

    Second order

    My second order...
    I am pleased with these bullets, I use them for the bulk of my reloads, accurate!!!
    Will continue to use these for all of my reloading and plinking !!

    Review by Augdog (Posted on 7/13/16)

    .224 FMJ

    High quality bullets, indistinguishable from Speer or Hornady but a lot cheaper

    Review by Jack (Posted on 6/5/16)

    Great bullets for training and bulk reloading.

    I've loaded and shot 2000 of these and they have been perfect for training out to 100m. 1 inch groups off of bags out to 100yards, and consistent hits on steel at 40-100 yards. Will buy more!

    Review by Great shooting bullet (Posted on 6/5/16)

    Excellent for the price

    I've shot more accurate bullets, but not at this price. If your plinking or just shooting paper these are excellent. If you're looking for extreme accuracy their are other manufacturers at a much higher price.

    Review by Ray (Posted on 5/12/16)

    Best bullet of this type-bar none

    At 100 yds these bullets consistently shoot 5 rnd shot groups 1 inch and less. Better than the so-called target/competition bullets. I will purchase more of these very soon. Thank you for a great product.

    Review by Filiaho (Posted on 4/10/16)

    The Key to Cloning M193 Milspec Ammo!

    I've been chasing my tail for several years trying to safely clone M193 ammo using Hornady #2267 FMJ bullets. I discovered that these G.D. surplus bullets have a significantly reduced bearing surface and they seat .030" farther out. The result is that I can now clone M193 ammo at a safe pressure. Another mistake I was making was to use CCI No. 41 milspec primers . . . although milspec, these added a great deal of pressure with little increase in velocity. If you're an experimenter like me, try standard primers with 26.5 gr. of H335 with an OACL of 2.750". When I chronographed this load alongside Federal XM193 ammo, the federal was 3,138 fps avg. and my new load with these G.D. bullets clocked 3,158 fps . . . with slightly less pressure and a much tighter extreme velocity spread than the real M193. My original order was for 2,000 bullets and I just ordered another 2,000. Get them while you can!

    Review by Harold (Posted on 3/29/16)

    good bullet at a good price

    These are good bullets for punching paper. They are accurate and the price is competitive. Have not tried on any game or varmint animals!

    Review by Paul K. (Posted on 3/28/16)

    Good quality/price

    These are good quality projectiles at a fair price.
    I'm consistently getting 1.5" - 2" groups @ 100 yds. If I could get more trigger time I'm sure I could get that tightened up.

    I'll definitely be buying more as my wallet permits ;)

    Review by Mike (Posted on 3/17/16)

  6. Top Brass Casings 45 ACP New Unprimed Brass - 250

    Top Brass Casings 45 ACP New Unprimed Brass - 250

    Regular Price: $52.00

    Special Price: $48.95

    In stock

    Manufacturer Top Brass
    Ammo Caliber 45 ACP (Auto)
    Primer Type Boxer
    Manufacturer SKU DP-TB045ACPCY-250
    Quantity 250

    These new production brass casings from Top Brass are a great choice for your next batch of custom bench loads. This bag of 250 contains new, un-primed, brass casings that bear the "Top Brass" headstamp. Top Brass incorporated is a Colorado based company that specializes in reconditioning once fired brass from the Department of Defense. Aside from reconditioning, they also offer a line of new production brass casings that are high quality and affordable.

    Don't forget to check out Widener's great selection of 45 Caliber Bullets, while you're here.

    **Note: this is not loaded ammunition**

    Customer Reviews

    Excellent results, will probably buy more.

    Have loaded about 100 so far. Great results, even though bulk packed have found no damage. will probably get more of these in future.

    Review by Gary (Posted on 4/10/17)

  7. Zero Bullets 45 ACP (.451" Diameter) Bullets 230 Grain FMJ - 500 Projectiles

    Regular Price: $67.85

    Special Price: $61.95

    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 12.4¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 230 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 45 ACP, 45 Auto Rim, 45 Caliber, 45 GAP
    Quantity 500
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Manufacturer Zero Bullet
    Manufacturer SKU R123

    Make yourself some great .45 ACP practice ammo with these full metal jacket (FMJ) projectiles from Zero Bullets. These FMJ bullets measure .451 inches in diameter and can also be used to load .45 Super, .45 GAP, and .460 Rowland calibers. Projectiles from Zero Bullets are made in Alabama and feature true copper jackets to withstand high velocities. These bullets weigh 230 grains which fits the many of the most popular and most traditional .45 ACP load data.

    Customer Reviews

    Sound bullet flies good feeds very well no issues... ..... .......

    I am very pleased with this purchase.

    Review by rickaldredge (Posted on 5/9/16)

  8. Top Brass Casings 308 Winchester Reconditioned Unprimed Brass – 250

    Top Brass Casings 308 Winchester Reconditioned Unprimed Brass – 250

    Regular Price: $69.00

    Special Price: $62.95

    In stock

    Manufacturer Top Brass
    Ammo Caliber 308 Winchester (7.62X51)
    Primer Type Boxer
    Manufacturer SKU DP-8B308WINMY-250
    Quantity 250

    Top Brass reconditioned casings are a great choice for you custom 308/7.62 bench loads. These once fired casings have been full length sized and trimmed, cleaned, and reamed (crimp removed) for easy re-loading. Most of the casing in this bag of 250 will bear the LC 7.62 headstamp, but other NATO-spec casings may be mixed in as well. Top Brass Incorporated is a Colorado based company that specializes in purchasing and reconditioning once fired brass from the Department of Defense.

    Don't forget to check out Widener's great selection of 308 Bullets, while you're here.

    **Note: this is not loaded ammunition**

    Customer Reviews

    Good Deal

    Bought this based upon the recent reviews stating receiving mostly LC. My batch seems to contain a lot of TAA, PSD, and some LC, with some being LC LR. Haven't sorted it yet to see what kind of counts, but seems like decent brass overall. Very dirty but it is as advertised - "once fired".

    Review by K.G. (Posted on 6/30/17)

  9. Target Barn IPSC Shooting - Officially Licensed Cardboard Silhouette - 100 Pack

    Target Barn IPSC Shooting - Officially Licensed Cardboard Silhouette - 100 Pack

    Regular Price: $69.00

    Special Price: $63.95

    In stock

    Manufacturer Target Barn
    Manufacturer SKU IPSC
    Quantity 100
    Length 30
    Width 18
    UPC Barcode TargetIPSC100

    These official IPSC targets are sanctioned by the United States Practical Shooting Association. Regulation sized at 18 inches x 30 inches, these are perfect if you're training for competition, hosting a match or just want to get some trigger time in at your local shooting spot. The targets are made from corrugated board and have a silhouette shape. They are excellent for both casual shooters and elite competitors.

    Target shooting is one of the most engaging and rewarding sports in the world. If you are involved in this activity, you need to have the best targets for accurate and consistent shooting. With this package, you’ll get 100 officially-licensed targets that help you get the practice you need.

    Target Barn is one of the biggest producers of targets and shooting accessories and they're well-known for producing some for the best IPSC targets available. If you enjoy spending a day at the range, Target Barn is one of the brands you need to know, as they can help you have a more rewarding and effective experience.

    Customer Reviews

    Good targets, as advertised .

    Good targets, as advertised. Very happy with them.

    Review by Jay (Posted on 8/20/17)

  10. 9mm 115 gr Round Nose Double Struck Berry's Bullets For Sale!

    Berry's 9mm Bullets 115 Grain Plated RN DS – 1000

    Regular Price: $72.00

    Special Price: $67.95

    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 6.8¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 115 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 9mm
    Quantity 1000
    Bullet Type Plated Round Nose
    Manufacturer Berry's
    Manufacturer SKU 36002

    Berry's bullets are a great choice for your next batch of custom range loads. Each projectile in this box of 1000 is a 115 grain copper plated round nose that has been double struck. These bullets have swaged lead cores and are then copper-plated. After copper-plating, every projectile is re-struck to ensure that the plating is consistent and the sizing is accurate. Berry's bullets is a family owned company and their products are made in the USA.

    Note: Copper-plated bullets are not recommended for velocities over 1,200 feet per second.

    While you are here be sure to check out our selection of 9mm Brass.

    **This is not loaded ammunition**

    Customer Reviews

    Berry's quality sufficient for practice..for SD..not so good..

    Size and weight consistency acceptable for practice..
    No need for the performance of the SD projectiles..

    Review by oromil (Posted on 4/9/17)

  11. General Dynamics .308 Diameter Bullets - 147 Grain FMJ - 500 Count

    Regular Price: $99.00

    Special Price: $79.95

    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 16.0¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 147 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 30 Caliber, 30-06, 30-40 Krag, 300 AAC Blackout, 300 Rem SAUM, 300 Rem Ultra Mag, 300 Savage, 300 Weatherby, 300 Win Mag, 300 Win Short Mag, 300 WSM, 308 Win
    Quantity 500
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Manufacturer General Dynamics

    The .308 Winchester round dates all the way back to 1953, but it remains one of the most reliable cartridges for medium-game hunting and target shooting. With speed, accuracy, and power, these rounds are used for a wide variety of game, from deer to black bear. If you are going to reload your .308 cases, you need high-quality bullets that deliver accurate trajectories and smooth firing.

    These military-spec 147-grain bullets are full metal jacket, non-magnetic, projectiles that deliver excellent performance in semi-automatic rifles. These are the same projectiles loaded in the M80 NATO rounds. They feed smoothly and deliver consistent and tight grouping downrange. You’ll have 500 bullets that help you get the practice you need for your .308 Winchester rifle. If you are going to reload your .308 Winchester cases, these bullets will give the performance you desire.

    Although these bullets were originally intended for military use, you can now purchase them through our website. Many gun owners prefer military surplus ammunition, as they perform with more reliability, especially in autoloaders.

    Customer Reviews

    Appear to be great bullets.

    They came in fine condition, no problems with box and bag. They look great, just what I was looking for. A working man's bullet for shooting and plinking in several rifles. Have not loaded any yet but plan to soon.

    Review by DeepInTheThoughtGulag (Posted on 7/13/17)

    General dynamics 147g

    Great inexpensive 300 blackout bullet, loads well, consistent size. Will buy more.

    Review by Compuwhat (Posted on 7/3/17)

    308, 147

    Great bullet but better yet these guys got there packing problems corrected, box in a box. Good job guys !!!

    Review by Tab (Posted on 5/31/17)

    Good product good price

    I had about given up finding a source for inexpensive range ammo for my home brew .300 Blackout 16in AR, when I found these. Just ran a test batch of 50 with a low load out to 300yd with decent groups even with the crappy optic I was using. Plan to get more, I was using .223 rifle for 3 gun but now I can make a switch to Blackout with out going broke. Very happy.

    Review by Eric the Red (Posted on 5/24/17)

    Seems like a nice bullet, but won't shoot for me.

    I purchased these bullets several months ago. I've been trying to work up an accurate load with different powders and have shot a lot of them in three different rifles. My latest groups were as big as ten inches at 200 yards, while my Nosler bullets gave me a two inch group with the same rifle. I'm sure they shoot well for some people, so I will sell them and let someone else have a try with them.

    Review by krmcne (Posted on 3/30/17)

    Excellent multipurpose round.

    I have placed two orders for General Dynamics 308 diameter bullets 147 grain full metal jacket boat tail, 500 bullets, 30 days apart. In the first order, the package arrived in pristine condition, with excellent packaging material to protect the internal plastic bag.
    The second order arrived today, the box was damaged and open on the seams and had been re-taped several times. The internal plastic bag was burst at the seams, appeared to have been wrapped with a thin sheet of paper, and the bullets were scattered throughout the box. In my opinion, the quality of the shipping carton does not meet the standards for a 10 pound plus shipment.
    I shoot an H&K G-3 clone. I reload a mix of military and civilian brass, with 40 grains of IMR 4007 or 40 grains of benchmark.
    My experience with the 147 grain full metal jacket boat tail from General Dynamics has been excellent! (No misshapen projectiles, all weights within one grain.)

    Review by Bob (Posted on 3/16/17)

    Great prices a good product.

    Can't beat the price in these bullets. Pretty consistent. Great for plinking rounds.

    Review by Andrew (Posted on 2/26/17)

    Great bullet for the money!

    Use these for .300 Blkout, Garand and AR10, works great for everyday range shooting and will definitely be getting more!!!

    Review by Craig (Posted on 2/23/17)

    Good bullet for the sale price.

    Not a match grade produced bullet but a good deal for the price and within the specs for a military issued round. Great bullet for general reloading and shooting along with field testing of a rifle.

    Review by 8point (Posted on 2/15/17)

    Good Value

    I see some complaints about quality and accuracy , however I shoot these 147 grain FMJs in my M1A, with battle sights and group 1-1.5 inch groups at 100 yards. I use H4895 and IMR 3031 (my rifles favorite powder) and get consistent velocity and accuracy.

    Learned to shoot in the USMC and I do not have any problems with from this product offered by Wideners from General Dynamics.

    Review by HPDrifter (Posted on 2/11/17)

    Good Quality / Poor Packaging

    I was not planning on writing a review, especially after so many others were written complaining about the same issue, but Wideners sent me a email asking for one, so here is the good and the bad of it all.
    The quality of the projectile is very good and their sale price of $79 per bag of 500 is really inexpensive, and from the time I placed my order to when they were delivered to my front porch is S.E. Michigan was not even 2 full days.
    The problem was that it was immediately obvious that the 8" square cardboard shipping box had suffered quite a trauma in it's trip to my home. The box had probably 20 feet of clear packing tape going all around the bottom and up one side where the box had split open, it was not even close to being square anymore.There were 3 bags of 500pc each in the box, all appeared to be split at their seams, all the bullets just laying loose in the bottom, just as if the box were dropped onto the floor a few times until the plastic bags popped open and poured their contents out of the damaged shipping container.
    I am certainly not blaming Wideners for this, we all know how careless the shipping companies employees are, they don't care. But, I was prepared that this might happen since there were already so many complaints registered here. I knew I would have to accept the good with the bad.
    Wideners can fix this with some of their own clear packing tape, a short piece on the seam of each bag, to prevent it from bursting, a strip of tape around the top, bottom and down each side to hold the box together.

    Review by Paul (Posted on 2/6/17)

    seem to be quality bullets

    have not loaded measured or weighed any of these bullets yet but they look to be quality bullets and the shipping was quick. off hand I'd say for the average garand or hk91 they would do nicely as plinking bullets because of the price, if you take the time to sort them properly you may even get some accuracy from them.

    Review by george (Posted on 1/30/17)


    This stuff is great, seen pretty consistent!

    Review by manuel (Posted on 1/15/17)

    Very good military style bullet for my M14.

    These bullets are very consistent and even though I have not had a chance to shoot them, I feel that they will be quite accurate.

    Review by Kenneth49 (Posted on 12/11/16)

    Good Value for Military Rifle Reloads

    I loaded some ammunition for my 30-06 and .308 caliber M1 Garands with these projectiles and shot good groups. Accuracy is slightly better than with cartridges I loaded with the Hornady 150g FMJ. I use both IMR 4895 and H4895 powders for my Garand loads.

    Once I go through the 2,500 I have on hand, I will definitely order more.

    Review by Hang Fire (Posted on 12/1/16)

    Great buy.

    Better than expected for bulk inexpensive bullets.. Sample weights within 1 grain of each other.

    Review by Big Jer (Posted on 11/16/16)

    for my Field grade CMP Garand

    Received these earlier than projected...that is always a plus! However like others bag in box was split open. Grouped well at 300 yards considering the field grade Garand and the shooter. All rounds fired in that string were within the kill areas (head and heart) 4 inch inch groups 4 en bloc clips loaded with GI brass and these bullets. Very satisfied!

    Review by dick (Posted on 11/6/16)

    BEWARE! - Undersized up to .0005

    Diameters were undersized up to .0005 resulting in 3+ MOA accuracy at 100yds from a precision rifle. Would not buy this product again.

    Review by Jim (Posted on 10/31/16)

    Good quality bullets good price

    Received 1000 bullets very good quality loaded with imr 4895 for my m1 and 03a in 30-06 will load tomorrow for my m1 in 308. Will order another 1000. good quality and price. Safe shooting

    Review by West (Posted on 10/31/16)

    Nice bullets for the price!

    Examined these bullets when I received them and they are extremely nice and consistent. Very good value for the money. Only drawback was the plastic bags that they ship in split open in the shipping box.

    Review by SS (Posted on 10/30/16)

    Inconsistency of bullet length

    Look great weight is consistent but length is not. Only measured 30 bullets and They vary from 28.92 - 29.37 thats .(.45 ) the Hornady bullets I used where only ( .21 ) difference out of 100 measured.

    Review by John (Posted on 10/30/16)

    Gen. Dynamics bullets not impressive.

    Two star quality, poor to average grouping, surpassed by other bullets you sell Disappointing. results, in my M- garands.

    Review by hal (Posted on 10/27/16)

    Quality at a good price

    Ordered 2 bags while on sale, great price -no problem with open bags in my box. Did some weight checks & all were @ 148 + or - a few 10ths on a cheap electronic scale- very consistent, better than some brand names I've bought locally.
    If I'd had time to load and shoot -or count- i would add or subtract a Star. But these aren't for hunting or long range precision, -So - 5 stars for quality & price.

    Review by Bob (Posted on 10/11/16)

    Great Price and a great bullet Im very Happy with these

    I bought these because of the price thinking that ifs they weren't so good it would not matter. I was surprised how good these were.. great groupings and easy to reload new cartridges with these.. Overall major score here. They look amazing too. All my 300 blackout buddies want me to make ammo for them now because of how much cheaper it is to roll your own .300 blackout than to buy it.

    Thanks Wideners you Rock!

    Review by kmart1967 (Posted on 10/9/16)

    Saving money

    Keeping my 300blackout bullet cost down, these 147 gr bullets do just that. Will be reordering very soon.

    Review by CG57 (Posted on 10/5/16)

    Just as described

    Ordered these for my 300 blackout loads and I love them best I have found for the money

    Review by Dustin (Posted on 9/28/16)

    Great service!!

    I received bullets within 2 days of ordering. I opened the box and found the bullets in an open bag with some packing so naturally my first concern was are they all here. I counted the billets and not only did I get the 500 I ordered but there were four extra bullets. Thanks Wideners for the fast and great service!!

    Review by Tallahassee (Posted on 9/26/16)

    Rolling along.

    These bullets are nice for range time, and I like getting them at a good price. I wasn't so lucky about the tape holding my bullets in the box. Bullets fell out at the UPS Store, in my car, probably all the way back to Wideners.

    Review by GFarmer13 (Posted on 9/21/16)


    shipped fast and good price. will buy again

    Review by kevin (Posted on 9/12/16)

    bullets for the 300 blackout!

    Very nice bullets for the 3 gun world! Loaded in the 300 blackout and they work and chamber perfectly without going broke! Will definitely buy more! Wideners served me well and got items to me quickly!!!

    Review by John (Posted on 9/4/16)

    Great Value

    Loaded these into some 7.62 Lake City brass pushed by a conservative amount of IMR-4064. I had some great results with my Browning BLR and Ruger All-American. It's sure a lot nicer practicing with these than sending more expensive hunting bullets down range. This was my first purchase from Widener's - it will not be my last. Thanks

    Review by Buzz (Posted on 8/29/16)

    308 range amm

    I use these for 308 range ammo. Load nice accurate. Close enough to use 149 grain recipes.

    Review by riley (Posted on 8/22/16)

    Military reloading components purchased

    Excellent quality and pricing coupled to very fast service and shipping. Thanx Wideners, don't really need to shop around with you as a supplier.

    Review by Rick G. (Posted on 8/16/16)

    Got what I ordered sooner than exspected

    Got what I ordered sooner than expected. Also 3 extra bullets bought them on sale.

    Review by Crobie1 (Posted on 8/16/16)

    fast delivery, good price

    the delivery was exceptionaly fast, the price was awesome. these will be used in a 300 BO SBR

    Review by miktri (Posted on 8/14/16)

    Good product at a great price.

    These bullets worked well for me as I reload 308 and 300 AAC. They are exceptional in both calibers. Thanks Widners.

    Review by Dan (Posted on 8/8/16)

    Great price

    Wideners has come through for me again. Great quality and great price. The box was packed well and arrived fast. You won't find a better online company to deal with.

    Review by tires2burn (Posted on 7/20/16)

    Very good bullet at a great price.

    Good bullet for the money, used them in 30/06 and 308 M1 and M1A.

    Review by BC 71 (Posted on 7/18/16)

    Cost Effective

    This bullet loads easily and is consistent regarding COL. Price is good. No signs of over pressure, primers were CCI Small Rifle fired from a registered SBR with a 7.5 inch barrel and a Sup Arms gas Piston Operating System.

    Review by Titan (Posted on 7/6/16)

    Great budget bullet for 308 and 300 blk

    Average weight of 100 bullet is 146.7
    I used in both 300blk and 308 win and it worked extremely well. Average group (1 in 12 ar10 20" barrel that shoot 168gr Sierra match king .25 moa) is about 1 moa which not bad at all.
    It is not the match bullet quality however no other bullet can beat this price.

    Review by John (Posted on 7/3/16)

    Good Value.

    Average 148.2 gr. Dimensionally consistent in Dia and length. Shoot great in my M1 Garand. Weidner's could improve on their packaging quite a lot. The bag was ripped open and everything was rolling around loose in the box. Good thing the tape held.

    Review by AL (Posted on 6/29/16)


    These bullets all weigh within 1/2 grain from each other and are perfectly concentric . Another big + is the jacket is copper not copper plated steel. The quality is great and I will be ordering more.

    Review by Buck (Posted on 6/24/16)

    Cannelure looks to be in the right place

    I am not that far from Widener's in north Alabama. Still, I pulled the trigger on a thousand of these from an email ad on Thursday night, received a shipping notice via FEDEX on Friday, and they were delivered to my house at 8 p.m. on Saturday. I did not really need that much attention but it impresses me. I have not "miked", weighed, or used any of these. I trust the other reviews. They do look to be of the highest quality. I do want to add this, and I would appreciate verification from someone who has loaded these; the cannelure appears to be in the right place when compared to the Hdy bullets I have been using. The cannelure on the Hdy was too high for standard 7.62x51 OAL to feed a hungry FN FAL. They worked, but these should be spot on.

    Review by rocketman4real (Posted on 6/19/16)

    Awesome bullets for my 300 BLK.

    Worked well in my 300 AAC. Reformed LC cases and Accurate 1680.

    Review by jimdanos (Posted on 6/12/16)

    Great bullets, work great for 300 blackout

    These bullets are great and work great for 300 blackout loads.

    Review by Kent (Posted on 6/9/16)

    loads shoot great

    loads shoot great aac300 blackout

    Review by louis (Posted on 6/8/16)

    Excellent quality .308 FMJ bullets.

    Excellent quality - very consistent weight from bullet to bullet.

    Review by Northeast Pete (Posted on 6/2/16)

    Versatile Bullet!

    Great looking bullets and I got them on sale so I bought 1,000. Should shoot great in my M1 Garand and M1A...thanks Wideners!!!!

    Review by Henry J (Posted on 5/29/16)

    Great for the price

    Good bullets, load great and shoot great. Actually measured 148 grains and loaded them with 150 grain data with good results

    Review by Tony Cap (Posted on 5/18/16)

    MAIL CALL! Bullets have arrived!

    I'm really starting to love Wideners, or is it Videners? Anyway, my order of 500 147 grain General Dynamic FMJ-BT bullets just arrived.

    After weighing a hand full, most are in the high 147 to low 148 grain range, which is fine. I'm primarily loading them for sonic and subsonic training rounds.

    Review by IntelMerc (Posted on 5/11/16)

    Uniform weight, point, and base. Should have bought more.

    Excellent147 FMJ's for any .308 shooting pointed bullets

    Review by rg1 (Posted on 5/9/16)

    300 Blackout - Worked Great

    Bought 1500 of these to load in my MCP 300 Blackout.

    Works flawlessly with 16.5gr of H110 and reformed Lake City brass. (Always start at the lowest load per the book and work your way up.)

    The bullets at are .308, not .309-.312. No swagging needed.

    Well worth it for 30 cal bullets.

    Review by Gary (Posted on 5/8/16)

    Loading 308s

    I am loading 308s and they perform great I will be buying more

    Review by philip (Posted on 4/26/16)

    Garand Salad

    These bullets shoot great in my Garand. For the price, they are uniform and clean. 500 just might not be enough!

    Review by SKG (Posted on 4/25/16)

    Very nice

    Very nice looking bullets but have yet to load and fire any...If they shoot as good ad they look I will be happy.But it will be a year or so before i do

    Review by Stevep51d (Posted on 4/24/16)

    For my 308 and 300 Blackout

    I will definitely order again. Nice product.

    Review by Jetray (Posted on 4/14/16)

    Great service,good product.

    Well done!

    Review by Tom (Posted on 4/14/16)

    !47 grain for 300 Blackout

    I haven't loaded any of these yet, but they appear to be awesome for the money. They look just like the Hornady 150 grain I gave been using but a lot cheaper. Now, if General Dynamics offer would offer some inexpensive 125 grain and 208 grain I would be happy.

    Review by Dennis (Posted on 4/11/16)

    Fast service, fast shipping. The order wasn't correct on the shipping address and I was contacted within a half hour for the correct address.

    Will order again!

    Review by SCAR H (Posted on 4/10/16)


    Found my new .300 Blackout super bullet, good quality and great price!

    Review by Craig (Posted on 4/1/16)

    Great Value

    Great service and shipping. Very nice bullet, shoots slightly to left in M1 Garand compared to 145 GR Military surplus I was previously using. It is a good value.

    Review by J. Sample (Posted on 3/27/16)

    Excellent !

    Great product ! Shipping and service is outstanding !!!!

    Review by gastrap (Posted on 3/21/16)

    Greate product, at a good price.

    for M1A1 good price.

    Review by Mike (Posted on 3/14/16)

    Great products

    The best 300 blackout bullets I have found !

    Review by Railrunner (Posted on 3/10/16)

    Will Recommend to others and purchase again for myself

    Excellent product. Fine construction. Very consistent size, weight, and configuration!

    Review by Jim (Posted on 3/9/16)

  12. Berry's 40 Caliber (.401 Diameter) 180 Grain Plated FP-DS – 1000 Rounds

    Berry's 40 Caliber (.401 Diameter) 180 Grain Plated FP-DS – 1000 Rounds

    Regular Price: $99.50

    Special Price: $92.95

    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 9.3¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 180 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 10mm, 40 Caliber, 40 S&W
    Quantity 1000
    Bullet Type Plated Flat Point
    Manufacturer Berry's
    Manufacturer SKU 33701

    Berry's bullets have gained a reputation for being reliable and consistent. These 180 grain 40 caliber Flat Point Double Struck (FP-DS) projectiles are swaged and copper-plated to their final weight. Berry's then re-strikes each round to ensure every bullet is evenly plated and 100% symmetrical. These copper plated flat points are more affordable that jacketed projectiles and are better on your barrel than traditional cast lead bullets.

    Note: Copper Plated projectiles are not recommended for velocities over 1,200 feet per second.

    Widener's also offers quality brass, primers and powders to help you make the perfect bench loads.

    **This is not loaded ammunition.**

  13. Sierra .224 Diameter Bullets - 80 Grain HPBT - 500 Count

    Regular Price: $137.75

    Special Price: $119.95

    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 24.0¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 80 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 223 Rem, 5.56x45mm
    Quantity 500
    Bullet Type Hollow-Point Boat Tail (HP-BT)
    Manufacturer Sierra Bullets
    Manufacturer SKU 9390

    Few cartridges match the speed, precision, and downright effectiveness of the .223 Remington. These rounds are not only great for varmint and predator hunting, they are also a lot of fun to shoot, making them a popular choice for anyone headed to the target range. If you are going to use your .223 rifle, you’re bound to go through a lot of ammo, so reloading your cases is a smart, frugal choice.

    With this box of .224 bullets, you’ll get 500 hollow point boat tail projectiles that are perfect for your empty cases. Despite the slight difference in caliber numbers, these bullets are made for the .223 Remington cartridge, allowing you to reload your brass and delivering the effective results you want. These MatchKing bullets can be used for hunting, but the manufacturer strongly recommends them for target shooting and competition.

    Sierra is one of the best brands in the ammo industry. With a huge selection of top-quality bullets, brass, and complete rounds, Sierra has all the top supplies for nearly any gun owner.

  14. Once Fired 7.62x51mm Brass Casings  – 1000 Pieces

    Once Fired 7.62x51mm Brass Casings – 1000 Pieces

    Regular Price: $149.00

    Special Price: $129.95

    In stock

    Manufacturer Military Surplus
    Ammo Caliber 308 Winchester (7.62X51)
    Primer Type Large Rifle
    Quantity 1000

    This lot of brass will be a great addition to your 7.62x51mm reloading supplies. These brass casings are still fitted with their expended primers and have been only been fired once meaning they can hold up to subsequent reloading. These cases are all military surplus and have been fired from weapons that are gauged and maintained by qualified military armorers.

    Don't forget to check out Widener's great selection of 308 Bullets, while you're here.

    Customer Reviews

    Not worth the cost of scrap brass

    Don't waste your money on TAA brass!!!!!!!

    Review by Craig (Posted on 10/13/17)

    Very satisfied. If I need more .308 brass, this is where I'll buy.

    Only a handful of non-LC-13 pieces of brass. De-primed manually. Now preparing to clean. Have yet to remove mil primer crimp. Had a piece or 2 of .223 in the mix. Looks like a very good buy in my case.

    Review by Big Boomer (Posted on 5/14/17)

    Excellent Brass

    The first 1,000 was all LC12 except 3-4 that were LC13. None were shot in firearms with excessive headspace. One case discarded because of damage.

    Review by Robert (Posted on 5/11/17)

    Very good deal

    I got my 1000 cases, yes they were dirty, but that's once fired brass. There was EXACTLY 1000 cases. Only found 1 with a buggered up neck that wasn't usable. Otherwise cleaned up nice.

    Review by Raleigh G (Posted on 4/27/17)

    Good brass

    Good brass, nearly all of it was lake city 2012 with only 20 cases or so various other lake city or other military brass. No rocks as others have stated. A little dirty but I've picked up WAY worse at the range and they clear up very nice. None were dented, no fluted chambers, looked like they are shot from bolt guns. I got them on sale and definitely worth the purchase! Im happy since i dont have to scour the range with about 5 other guys constantly trying to also get 308 brass.

    Review by ItchyDigits (Posted on 4/13/17)

    Great brass for the price

    Nearly all of the brass was Lake City 2012 in great shape. The case lengths were over 2.004 and the primers were easy to remove with a decapper die. The primer pocket crimps,what I could find of them, were very easy to remove with a deburring handtool. After about an hour in the cleaner,the brass looked like new. I did find about a dozen new L.C. brass cases mixed in of other dates that had never been loaded.

    Review by eightpoint (Posted on 2/10/17)

    Never had an issue with their cases..

    I've bought a ton of brass from here.... wish they still had all the military brass they used to... this would be my exclusive source for brass... had an issue(cannot remember what to be honest was minor obviously) I spoke to a lady on the phone who never made any excuses just jumped on issue corrected it in no time flat.... Anyone who has never dealt with this company is really missing the boat... great value and it wasn't the problem I had that mattered to me, it was how fast they handled it that was important.....

    Review by Txcop (Posted on 11/15/16)


    I was short 2 cases. One case was berdan primed. Very satisfied with the brass. If I wanted perfect brass I would have ordered new brass. I knew there would be rejects but not near what I was expecting.

    Review by CCM (Posted on 8/1/16)

    I had hoped for better lucky I bought 2k for better Head-stamp grouping amounts

    Received 2k today first box sorted at
    WCC-08 (400) 8 dated 64. Western Cartridge Company US Private non arsenal looked good
    TAA 07-08 (187) Taiwan US Training Ammo
    PSD 06-07 (140) South Korean US Training Ammo
    WRA 63-64 (22) Winchester Repeating Arms
    PMJ 06 & 09 (9) South Korean US Training Ammo
    LC-14 (81)
    LC-13 (64)
    LC-09 (8)
    LC-08 (55)
    LC 65-68 (9)
    LC LR-11(19) this was the best of the bunch

    Total Count was (994) with one tiny rock in box and 2 non salvageable LC .223 cases.
    there was a total of (236) LC Brass and half MG ammo and not in good shape and this is just on sorting.
    5% of batch Heavily Damaged 3% of that is possibly salvageable
    15% with pre neck damage consistent with the same weapon.
    The majority of that PSD looks like MG ammo as well as some of the LC
    Both have the same upper pre neck damage consistent with the same MG plus casings show signs of being linked and link corrosion.
    I have started sorting second box with half done it looks like less LC than before Ill be lucky to get 120 pieces. lots of PSD TAA and WCC
    same pre neck dings about .300 thousands across just before and on the beginning of neck taper sorry no picks.
    Well I'm glad I bought 2k Between the 2 I should get enough of each head-stamp to do something with them I do have a few different .308s that these 2 batches should suffice for now as plinking cases. going to look elseware for decent LC brass though need at least 2k of it.

    Review by walt (Posted on 7/1/16)

    Good useable brass

    I saw recent reviews saying they had gotten almost all LC brass but mine contained 426 LC and the rest 'other'. I can't complain because it's advertised as 'once fired'. Wideners is a great company to deal with. I used to order from them years ago, before the internet, when they advertised in the Shotgun News. Ah, the good old days.

    Review by mvintx (Posted on 6/29/16)

    Some were pretty bad and I discarded. Some had sticy coating that a lot of cleaning. Some bent case mouth that I discaded. Have reloaded some, no problems

    Worth the money, but had bent case mouth-discarded, some heavy corrosion-discarded. Most were sticky, but cleaned up well. Have loaded some, no problems yet.

    Review by Kim (Posted on 6/12/16)

    good useable brass

    I ordered 1,000 and based on some of the reviews, hoped that the majority would be LC. Not so. LC count was 426 and the remainder was 'other'. Can't complain though, it was advertised as once fired and once fired it was. Brass was in good shape with very few dents. Found 2 5.56 cases, 1 WCC with the primer intact and one fired blank.

    Review by mvintx (Posted on 6/9/16)

    good brass,lots of work

    Good mill brass but short by about 50 cases on two separate orders total 100 cases.Shipped by weight so the stones in the box take up some weight.Lots of work to clean and prep but that's Mil Surp brass.

    Review by brass (Posted on 5/2/16)

    Pay attention here!!!

    Purchased 2,000 of these. Out of the bunch, only a few (less than 20) were really dirty, others had powder residue that will polish off. Head stamps were mostly LC (80%) and WCC (15%), the rest TAA and PSD. If I remember correctly TAA is Israeli and PSD is Korean. Years were from 2007 to 2015. All in all well worth the money.

    Review by 1MARINE (Posted on 4/27/16)

    Good Brass

    Overall great purchase. Mine was all LC 12 and 13. Dirty and needed to swage primer pockets, but that's not surprising.

    Review by pd (Posted on 4/25/16)

    As advertized

    Box appears to be all Lc12 and seem to be in good condition. Checked these on my headspace gauge ad do not appear to be overstretch by a excessive headspaced machine gun but a tight one..Will buy again

    Review by Stevep51d (Posted on 4/24/16)

    Overall a pretty good deal

    Got 1000, like previously stated they are pretty dirty there was even P gravel in the box and inside some of the cases, I rinsed them over and over In a 5 gallon bucket dumping and rinsing and dumping and rinsing, but still broke 4 decapping pins while sizing them from dirt that was stuck in the base of the case.still it's a good deal for that many cases, there are several different head stamps in the batch I have received, I would buy them again.

    Review by Mike (Posted on 4/14/16)

    Some good some not so good.

    The good: My lot of this brass was all LC 12. No blanks or unusable cases. Not so good: It was very dirty but cleaned up pretty well after 4 hours of tumbling. The ugly: As stated by others, the cases were extremely scratched but I hope that sizing will smooth that out.

    Review by Michael (Posted on 3/28/16)

    Great Lake City Brass

    Excellent brass and had no issues. As with surplus, had to swage primer pockets, no issues. As always excellent product from Wideners.

    Review by Frank (Posted on 3/22/16)

    I purchased 1 box of 1000 of these..

    Once Fired 7.62x51mm Brass Casings – 1000 Pieces
    I purchased 1 box of 1000 of these.. They are dirty but reloadable.

    Review by Mike (Posted on 3/14/16)

    Good Stuff

    I am pretty happy with my purchase of 1000 cases. My batch is all LC 2012. I found 1 case with a small split in the body. One case with a repairable ding in the neck. Yes, you have to swage the primer pockets, but a small price to pay for the quality I received.

    Review by johneee (Posted on 3/13/16)

    Lake city bass

    I ordered a case of 308 win once fired and got mainly Lc bass of 67-88,mostly 74 & 68 plus some blanks . These are all mil surplus bass so you need to swage the primer pockets before reloading ,a dillion 600 swager will make short work of 1000 pc after breaking down by year headstamp . My 308 Ar will feed for spme time now .

    Review by shriner (Posted on 3/10/16)

    Once Fired 7.62x51mm Brass Casings – 1000 Pieces

    I purchased 1 box of 1000 of these.. They are extremely scratched like they went through a rock slide and very dirty.
    Yes..they are reloadable and yes you have to remove the primer crimp.
    Your choice.

    Review by Brad (Posted on 2/19/16)

  15. Tula 9mm 115 Grain FMJ – 1000 Rounds

    Regular Price: $159.85

    Special Price: $149.95

    In stock

    Manufacturer Tula Cartridge Works
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 115 Grain
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Use Type plinking at the range
    Casing Type Steel
    Quantity 1000
    Ammo Caliber 9mm Luger (9x19)
    Manufacturer SKU TA919150
    Primer Type Berdan
    UPC Barcode 814950016536
    Cost Per Round 15.0¢ per round

    There's never such thing as having too much of the world's most popular centerfire pistol caliber. Get your share of the loot at a low price with this 1000 round bulk pack of 9x19mm Luger ammo from Tula Cartridge Works. TulAmmo is sourced from Russia's Tula plant, the largest ammunition manufacturer in that country. With experience dating back to 1880, the Tula plant is trusted for its experience in mass production of military rounds as well as tailor-made export ammo. The latest line of rounds use non-corrosive Berdan primers and steel casings coated with a layer of polymer which boasts increased reliability and low fouling over the older lacquer-coated casings.

    These rounds use 115 grain full metal jacket bullets to match the lightest and most popular 9mm Parabellum plinking cartridges. This results in easily managed recoil with a muzzle velocity of 1,345 feet per second. The projectiles have a jacket of either copper or bi-metal; bi-metal is a mix of steel and copper which may not be accepted at some indoor ranges due to its hardness and ability to spark on steel backstops.

    Customer Reviews


    Sig loves it, any pistol I own loves it and it is accurate , what more can you ask?

    Review by Don (Posted on 10/9/17)

    Awesome service!!

    Received my order within 48 business hours to Northern Virginia! Great ammo, great price, great service. Customer for life!

    Review by DD (Posted on 9/20/17)

    Accurate for the price.

    Shoots well. A little hard to load into the mag, probably because of the case finish. Sometimes the slide doesn't close on the last round. It's an ok practice round for the price.

    Review by Art (Posted on 5/21/17)

    Good ammo..

    my Sig eats it fine and my Tauris eats it too..my Kel Tec no issues..i"ll buy more

    Review by Drumrooster (Posted on 11/2/16)

    Excellent submachine gun ammo!

    Can't reload my range ammo for this price. I save my component's for other nine's. A little dirty but not a big deal as I will clean the gun anyway.!!

    Review by TWhit (Posted on 10/31/16)

    great deal

    This is a really good ammo for the price, you can shoot a lot without spending a fortune to do so.

    Review by jpelston (Posted on 8/9/16)

    Great for plinking

    This is the second batch I've purchased from Wideners. Both times the price was great and the shipping was quick. I have had zero problems with feeding in either my M&P Shield or XD. Not the most accurate but good enough for a day at the range. Not that dirty either.

    Review by Bob (Posted on 6/20/16)

    As cheap as reloading

    Plink away, folks. Great plinking ammo, competitive with loading your own. And the spent cases can be picked up with a magnet.

    Review by Milliwatt Rob (Posted on 6/15/16)

    tulammo 9

    This is budget 9mm ammo. Not necessarily accurate. Not pretty. My ruger sr9 eats it just fine, my desert eagle pistol chokes on it....

    Review by Lee (Posted on 5/17/16)

    Great buy!

    Great ammo,great price. Gonna need more soon!!!

    Review by Archer (Posted on 3/20/16)

  16. MEN 7.62x51mm NATO 147 Grain FMJ - 320 Rounds

    Regular Price: $199.85

    Special Price: $184.95

    In stock

    Manufacturer Magtech
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 147 Grain
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Use Type plinking at the range
    Casing Type Brass
    Quantity 320
    Ammo Caliber 308 Winchester (7.62X51)
    Manufacturer SKU MEN762A
    Primer Type Boxer
    UPC Barcode 754908919222
    Cost Per Round 57.8¢ per round

    This 7.62 NATO ammunition from MEN is a dependable choice for a variety of 7.62/.308 Winchester rifles including the M-14 and FAL.

    Each round in this case of 320 fires a 147 grain full metal jacket bullet at a muzzle velocity of 2,707 feet per second. Expect solid long range performance!

    MEN ammunition is loaded in Germany using reloadable brass and non-corrosive primers. MEN is a division of CBC, which also produces Sellier & Bellot and Magtech ammo.

    Customer Reviews

    Good clean accurate ammo

    I shot 5 rounds for a 1.5" group @ 100 yards with the MEN ammo. Also reloaded a few of the cases with no problems.

    Review by Dragline (Posted on 12/4/16)

  17. Magtech 9mm 115 Grain FMC – 1000 Rounds

    Magtech 9mm 115 Grain FMC – 1000 Rounds

    Regular Price: $209.85

    Special Price: $194.85

    In stock

    Manufacturer Magtech
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 115 Grain
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Use Type plinking at the range
    Casing Type Brass
    Quantity 1000
    Ammo Caliber 9mm Luger (9x19)
    Manufacturer SKU 9A
    Primer Type Boxer
    UPC Barcode 754908162208
    Cost Per Round 19.5¢ per round

    This 9mm Luger ammunition from Magtech comes in a 1,000 round case ideal for high volume range shooting. Each cartridge fires a 115 grain full metal jacket bullet at a muzzle velocity of 1,135 feet per second. This is a light standard pressure target load that will produce low recoil and good accuracy at typical pistol shooting distances.

    Magtech ammunition is loaded in Ribeirao Pires, Brazil near Sao Paulo using highly automated assembly lines that produce very consistent product. CBC, the manufacturer of Magtech ammo, produces its propellant, bullets, and other components internally for optimal quality control. This ammo uses non-corrosive Boxer primers and reloadable brass cases.

    Customer Reviews

    Quality product.

    Performed flawlessly, reasonably priced.

    Review by Mylon (Posted on 8/16/17)

    Magtech 115g FMJ 9mm ammo

    I tested different brands of 115g 9mm in my full sized Witness and Magtech was the only one that shot a nice tight group. None of the other brands got close until I moved up to 147g bullets and they all shot well then but for a lighter bullet, Magtech took the prize!

    Review by Slomo (Posted on 1/20/16)

    Great Round

    Have shot close to a thousand rounds now of this and has cycled great in my G19 and Sig 229

    Review by SR (Posted on 1/8/16)

  18. Fiocchi 9mm 115 Grain FMJ – 1000 Rounds

    Regular Price: $215.00

    Special Price: $199.00

    In stock

    Manufacturer Fiocchi
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 115 Grain
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Use Type plinking at the range
    Casing Type Brass
    Quantity 1000
    Ammo Caliber 9mm Luger (9x19)
    Manufacturer SKU 9AP
    Primer Type Boxer
    UPC Barcode 762344860008
    Cost Per Round 19.9¢ per round

    Fiocchi ammunition is always a safe bet for your shooting needs. This range load is a great replacement for expensive hollow points when you're slaying paper targets. It fires a light 115 grain full metal jacket (FMJ) bullet at a muzzle velocity of 1,200 feet per second, slightly faster than other standard pressure loads; the FMJ projectiles use brass jackets rather than copper in order to maintain stability with the increased velocity and are proven to produce accuracy worthy of competitive use.

    Most Fiocchi ammunition sold in the US is loaded in Ozark, Missouri with the balance being imported from Lecco, Italy. Fiocchi has been in business since the 19th century and has taken off in a big way in the US in the last several years due to the reasonable price and impressive quality of its ammo.

    These cartridges use non-corrosive Boxer primers and reloadable brass cases. Each case contains 1,000 rounds--perfect for bulk savings.

    Customer Reviews

    Very clean, accurate, reliable ammo!!!

    Fiocchi ammo has always been, & I hope & expect, will always be, great, clean, accurate, reliable ammo for me. Their brass is great for reloading as well!!! You can trust this ammo to get the job done, whether target practice, or an action pistol match!!!

    Review by Mark (Posted on 6/13/16)

  19. Federal American Eagle 9mm 115 Grain FMJ – 1000 Rounds

    Regular Price: $224.85

    Special Price: $204.85

    In stock

    Manufacturer Federal
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 115 Grain
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Use Type plinking at the range
    Casing Type Brass
    Quantity 1000
    Ammo Caliber 9mm Luger (9x19)
    Manufacturer SKU AE9DP
    Primer Type Boxer
    UPC Barcode 50029465088229
    Cost Per Round 20.5¢ per round

    Bolster your stash of practice and training ammunition with this 1000 round bulk back of 9x19mm from Federal. These rounds sport 115 grain projectiles for light recoil and smooth feeding with the widest range of 9mm pistols and carbines. This bulk pack comes from Federal's American Eagle line which is well-known for being inexpensive and reliable.

    Federal Premium Ammunition, a Minnesota based company, has over 90 years of experience producing ammo. Their reputation for high quality and excellent manufacturing consistency has made them a trusted name with hunters, competitive shooters, Olympians, and law enforcement agencies. Federal is staple of the U.S. ammunition industry and is responsible many standards and innovation in modern cartridges.

    These rounds come constructed from reloadable brass casings, non-corrosive primers, and full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets which are great for range plinking and match use. The 9mm Luger projectiles leave the muzzle at 1180 feet-per-second while carrying 356 foot-pounds of energy.

  20. Wolf 7.62X39 123 Grain FMJ - 1000 Rounds

    Regular Price: $224.85

    Special Price: $214.95

    In stock

    Manufacturer Wolf
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 123 Grain
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Use Type plinking at the range
    Casing Type Steel
    Quantity 1000
    Ammo Caliber 7.62X39
    Primer Type Berdan
    Cost Per Round 21.5¢ per round

    Wolf ammunition is a popular range staple for owners of SKS and AK rifles. These 7.62x39mm cartridges are similar to the ones these rifles were designed for, though they have some significant quality-of-life improvements including non-corrosive primers and polymer-coated cases.

    Each cartridge in this box of 20 fires a 123-grain full metal jacket bullet at 2,362 feet per second.

    This ammo is loaded in Russia or Ukraine using non-reloadable steel casings.

    Customer Reviews

    Wolf ammo

    I agree with the other reviews. I don't remember a ftf ever. Can't really testify about the accuracy, except I did have a yugo AK that was pretty darn accurate with this stuff. Shipping was very fast.

    Review by brent (Posted on 9/10/17)

    Does what it's suppose to!

    Say what you want about Wolf ammo. As said above, it goes bang every time. Been running this since they started with the polymer coating, (replacing the lacquer) ten years or so, and I don't recall one FTF, ever, in all those years. (I know indoor ranges don't like the stuff, but not everybody lives in the city. There's nothing wrong with this ammo)
    Wideners is a good place to do your business, too, btw. I had a problem with Fedex one time a few years back, and given the potential gravity of the problem, I found myself talking to the man who owns and runs the company. He made it right. I remember things like that.
    This is a good outfit, and worthy of your business.

    Review by Santahog (Posted on 3/1/17)

    Basic 7.62x39, but superior service

    This is basic ammunition. Goes bang every time. But Widener's service was superb. UPS "lost" my package and Wideners replaced it pronto. I am pleased to have done business with them.

    Review by Nickname (Posted on 2/27/17)

  21. Tula 223 Rem 55 Grain FMJ - 1000 Rounds

    Regular Price: $229.85

    Special Price: $219.95

    In stock

    Manufacturer Tula Cartridge Works
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 55 Grain
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Use Type indoor range shooting, plinking at the range
    Casing Type Steel
    Quantity 1000
    Ammo Caliber 223 Remington
    Manufacturer SKU TA223550
    Primer Type Berdan
    UPC Barcode 814950016154
    Cost Per Round 22.0¢ per round

    Tula ammunition is an excellent choice for high volume shooters due to its low cost and bulk availability. These 1,000 round cases of .223 Remington ammo will satisfy the needs of most AR-15 owners at a reasonable price while delivering solid range-grade performance.

    Each cartridge in this case of 1,000 fires a 55 grain full metal jacket with similar ballistics to M193 ball ammo.

    This ammo is loaded in Tula, Russia using non-corrosive Berdan primers and non-reloadable steel cases. The cases are polymer-coated for better feeding and ejection. Due to its steel components, this ammo may not be suitable for all indoor ranges.

    Customer Reviews

    Reliable in a Well built Ar-15

    I've been shooting 55 gr tula .223 for 3 years HARD. First in a mini 14 and later a Daniel Defense Ar-15. This is what I prefer for my practice ammo. Naturally I've had a few bad primers and the like, maybe +/- 1/1000.

    Review by Levi (Posted on 1/24/17)

    Great for the price and my needs

    Bought this for instruction and so far 200 rounds and so good. Have plenty of brass and for the time it takes to reload, this just made sense. I'm in no way "professional" but will check for build up and may change review if abysmal.

    Review by John Cricheton (Posted on 11/2/16)

  22. Magtech First Defense 300 AAC Blackout 123 Grain FMJ – 500 Rounds

    Regular Price: $289.85

    Special Price: $249.95

    In stock

    Manufacturer Magtech
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 123 Grain
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Use Type plinking at the range
    Casing Type Brass
    Quantity 500
    Ammo Caliber 300 AAC Blackout
    Manufacturer SKU 300BLKB
    Primer Type Boxer
    UPC Barcode R05252016432
    Cost Per Round 50.0¢ per round

    Magtech First Defense ammunition aims to provide shooters with high quality products that are very reliable. These 300 Blackout rounds are loaded into new production, boxer primed brass cases that are re-loadable. The projectiles in this case of 500 are 123 grain Full Metal Jackets (FMJ).

    Established by CBC Group in 1990, Magtech is the commercial brand for the ammunition manufacturer Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchis (CBC). The CBC group is made up of the four ammo manufacturers CBC, MEN, Sellier & Bellot and Magtech. Due to strict quality control measures their ammo is reliable and consistent.

    Grab a few boxes of this high quality 300 Blackout ammo and get out to the range soon!

    Customer Reviews

    Excellent choice

    Used about 180 rounds of this at a 4 day rifle class at Front Sight. Worked perfectly. Chrono'd 10 rounds when I got home, averaged 2300 fps. Affordable and quality ammo...

    Review by BadBob (Posted on 4/21/16)

  23. IMI 308 Winchester Match Grade New Unprimed Brass Casings - 1000 Casings

    Regular Price: $298.85

    Special Price: $279.95

    In stock

    Manufacturer Israeli Military Industries
    Ammo Caliber 308 Winchester (7.62X51)
    Quantity 1000

    IMI brass casings have earned a reputation in the shooting industry for being very high quality and perfect for your custom bench loads, and for reliable performance in M14/M1As. These 7.62 NATO/308 Winchester new production brass cases are un-primed and Match quality. IMI's Match grade brass is manufactured to near exact tolerances and is paired with some of the strictest quality control standards in the industry. IMI supplies ammunition to the Israel Defense Forces and their products are NATO qualified. You won't be disappointed with this 1000 piece box of premium, new production brass cases.

    While you are here, don't forget to check out Widener's great selection of 308 Bullets!

    **Note: this is not loaded ammunition**

    Customer Reviews

    Great brass

    Excellent brass, cases were already prepped and ready to load. Primers went in smoothly, I checked a lot of cases with a case gauge and every one was spot on. Never tried the IMI brand before and won't hesitate using this brass again.

    Review by Mike (Posted on 5/22/17)


    This brass exceeded my expectations. I am new to .308 and didn't want to deal with machine gun fired 7.62 brass and thought I'd give these IMI cases a try. I recommend this product.

    Review by BuildnBurn (Posted on 5/3/17)

    All I ever use for long range rifles

    VERY GOOD BRASS, I like it better than any other.
    My hand loads out of the Rem 700 PSS,to the GA Precision high dollar bolt 700's,have consistently shot half inch and Below w/175 Sierras@ 0.15 off the max.
    It's case thickness requires you to start approx 2grs off max.
    Drive them to approx 2710,FGM 210, or CCI BR2's.
    Will get you unreal accuracy if you do your part.
    Used thousands over 20 yrs.

    Review by Doszap (Posted on 4/27/17)

    Best choice for self-loading match guns.

    As others suggested, this is traditional military weight. Unlike .223/5.56 and .30-06, for which U.S. military and commercial brass tend to be close in weight (actually LC is slightly lighter in .223), the .308/7.62, second only to the .300 WM, has more weight and powder capacity variation among headstamps than any other. This difference grew after Winchester designed the semi-balloon head brass for the 1992 Palma match, which got down in the 150 grain range, and which they adopted for regular .308 and some other brass later. Original Lake City brass was always closer to 180 grains. However, I understand that in 2012 ATK put out a request for new military case designs to reduce cartridge weight by 10%, and I don't know the status of that undertaking. But this IMI brass is like the orininal military spec brass, but tighter in weight tolerance and with cleaner mouth trimming, as mentioned.

    The first 30 cases I measured ran 179.3 to 181.2 grains, for a mean of 180.25 grains and an SD of about 0.55 grains. But I'll caution that this was grabbed off the surface of the box and was not a carefully random sample, so until I get time to weigh a few hundred, I won't be fully satisfied on either figure.

    My 0.0760" (minus 0.0002" tolerance) pin gauge was the fattest to pass through the IMI flash hole, where the new Starline brass I was evaluating recently passes a 0.0800" gauge, more like other commercial brass. So the IMI has about an 11% smaller gas vent aperture. But this is not as small as the 0.069" flash holes in some European brass, so I don't anticipate special treatment. If you are using one of the spherical powders that needs a magnum primer to ignite it consistently, this may actually help the gas pay out a little more gradually into the case and influencing pressure variation slightly less. But if you see ingition issues (high MV SD on the chronograph is a clue if you don't own a Pressure Trace or a standard pressure barrel), figure to use a 0.080" or 0.081" flash hole reamer on a few to see if that helps.

    The primer pockets on all IMI brass can be tight. I had some of their .45 Auto MATCH at one point that I had to run through my Dillon primer pocket swager like crimped brass before my Dillon Square Deal could seat primers in it properly. The SAAMI spec for large primer pocket diameter is 0.2085"-0.2100". My 0.2090" pin gauge will not fit either the IMI or Starline pockets, but the 0.2080" gauge drops to the bottom of the Starline and wiggles slightly, while it will only go about half way into an IMI primer pocket. I figure IMI may be targeting 5.28 mm, which is 2.079", and is slightly below U.S. standard size range. So don't expect the tight TulAmmo or Wolf primers to squeeze into these willingly. You'll want to swage or open the pockets with a #4 reamer (0.209") for those. The Federal primers will squeeze in, and folks using maximum pressures will be happy to have a little extra tightness for primer pocket diameter to grow a little over several load cycles.

    Like military and commercial brass here, the neck wall total indicated runout is typically somewhere around 0.002"-0.003", with a some smaller and some larger. For bolt gun match loads, you'll either want to sort the best ones out or outside-turn the necks uniform. But in self-loaders I don't think you benefit much from going to that trouble.

    So, if you still shoot Palma or other 1000 yard disciplines with a .308, you may want lighter brass to be able to squeeze an extra couple of grains of powder in and gain a few feet per second. But for M1A, .308 Garand, and AR10 type rifles, the IMI brass is the thing to have at the moment. If you shoot Benchrest, you probably want Lapua or Norma brass for its tight wall runout. But for rugged brass that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, especially for self-loaders, this IMI Match brass is the ticket. Impossible to beat at this price. I gave it 5 stars for being the best match to this purpose.

    Review by Unclenick (Posted on 2/14/17)

    Excellent Brass

    Purchased brass looking for something between machine gun fired LC Brass and the expensive Lapua Brass for my bolt guns. This brass is extremely nice, very uniform and loads right out of the box with minimal prep. The brass is heavy like LC brass so when working loads start low and work up watching for pressure. Some data tables will give loads using lighter Winchester brass and you will not get to the max loads listed in those manuals. Other than that, this brass is high quality, match grade material. Might buy another 1000 :)

    Review by Robert (Posted on 2/1/17)

    Bright consistent brass.

    Found brass to be uniform and case mouths chamfered ready for loading. A few cases required a pass over the sizing die expander ball to round up the mouth. Primer pockets are tighter than other brands of brass, but should extend loading life of the cases. I use Federal 210M for bolt gun loads, and Remington 9-1/2 primers for M1A loads. Both required 'firm pressure' on the priming tool handle to seat the primers below the bottom of the case. Overall, these cases can be put into service with minimal prep work; more so than all other brands except maybe the most expensive. Test loads with match grade 168 gr bullets resulted in sub MOA groups at 100 yds. Next test will be 175 gr loads at 600 yds. Expectations are that this brass will not detract from accuracy performance at that range based on 100 yard test firings.

    Review by Boomer13 (Posted on 12/8/16)

    Beautiful brass

    Excellent quality brass, as advertised.

    Review by Artifex (Posted on 12/4/16)

    High quality, great value!

    These are beautiful cases, nice polish, nice finish. Some out of round mouths due to bulk shipping to be expected, they all go thru the process anyway. Overall great value! Will buy again!

    Review by Mike (Posted on 9/25/16)

  24. Magtech 380 Auto 95 Grain FMC - 1000 Rounds

    Regular Price: $305.00

    Special Price: $289.00

    In stock

    Manufacturer Magtech
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 95 Grain
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Use Type plinking at the range
    Casing Type Brass
    Quantity 1000
    Ammo Caliber 380 Auto (ACP)
    Manufacturer SKU 380A
    Primer Type Boxer
    UPC Barcode 754908162000
    Cost Per Round 28.9¢ per round

    This .380 ACP ammunition from Magtech comes in a 1,000 round case that will help you sharpen your skills at a reasonable cost. Each cartridge fires a 95 grain full metal jacket bullet at a muzzle velocity of 951 feet per second. Great for training with carry pistols such as the Glock 42, Ruger LCP, and SIG P238.

    Magtech ammunition is loaded in Brazil using non-corrosive Boxer primers and reloadable brass. CBC, the manufacturer of Magtech ammo, produces its own components to ensure consistency in each batch and strong overall performance.

  25. PMC 223 Rem 55 Grain FMJ-BT – 1000 Rounds

    Regular Price: $314.85

    Special Price: $304.95

    In stock

    Manufacturer PMC
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 55 Grain
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (FMJ-BT)
    Use Type indoor range shooting, plinking at the range
    Casing Type Brass
    Quantity 1000
    Ammo Caliber 223 Remington
    Manufacturer SKU 223A
    Primer Type Boxer
    UPC Barcode 50741569060085
    Cost Per Round 30.5¢ per round

    Load up on some high quality, low cost ammunition for your favorite AR or other .223/5.56mm caliber rifle. PMC Bronze ammunition comes from South Korea out of the some of the most sophisticated and efficient manufacturing plants. A length of experience producing ammunition for NATO countries as well as adherence to U.S. standard tolerances has a resulted in inexpensive ammo with high reliability.

    These cartridges are constructed using reloadable brass casings fitted with non-corrosive Boxer primers and topped by full metal jacket boat-tail (FMJ-BT) bullets. The bullets weigh in at 55 grains which is a standard across the board for the caliber and will stabilize with the widest ranges of barrel lengths and twists. In addition, the boat tail tapered rear of the bullet reduces drag and increases accuracy. This bulk pack of 1,000 rounds is great to stock up on for matches and classes and has been specifically recommended by some training companies like the United States Shooting Academy (USSA).

    Customer Reviews

    Excellent ammo for the price

    Excellent ammo for the price. Runs very good and clean, no problems with whatsoever.

    Review by Madmax (Posted on 9/19/16)

    even better than expected

    I was looking for better accuracy than I'd found with _ _ _ _ M193 type ammo and reviews indicated the PMC was the answer. Bought a case to function test a new M-4(gery) for another shooter. This ammo is topnotch-more accurate than the carbine's owner can utilize. I just wish I'd bought two cases and kept one.

    Review by Mobuck (Posted on 9/12/16)

    Great ammo with a great price!

    Great price for 1000 rounds. 200 rounds through my Daniel Defense so far and had no problems. Need to order more before Jan 1 since I'm in CA.

    Review by Kamera (Posted on 7/31/16)

    200 Rounds Fired So Far: 0 Complaints

    The ammo came in a convenient packaging of 20 rd boxes. Convenient to load two mags of 10 rd each (in the pathetic state of CT, that's all we're allowed). No issues with the firing or ejection. Tight grouping at 25 yards after sighting in. Haven't tried 100 yards yet. No complaints

    Review by p-chip (Posted on 7/17/16)

    Good quality, great price

    Good quality ammo, runs great, never had an issue, run it in AR and COLT M-16 in full auto.

    Review by randall (Posted on 5/18/16)

    Fired 3000+ Rounds, not a single issue

    PMC Bronze is great ammo. Im on my fourth case right now, and I love it. Zero failures. With my Daniel Defense 16" Carbine and an ACOG I was effortlessly hitting 24" square steel at 500yds with 55gr! I prefer it to other ammo as most other brand 5.56 has the dirty looking annealing burn marks on the neck of the cartridge, but PMC takes the time to polish that off. It doesnt affect function of course, but it is a really nice touch. Quality ammo, buy with confidence.

    Review by Christian (Posted on 4/20/16)

    Good Ammo for the Money

    Have run through about 300 rounds of this ammo with no issues. Good ammo for the money

    Review by Will (Posted on 3/6/16)

  26. PMC Bronze 45 ACP 230 Grain FMJ – 1000 Rounds

    Regular Price: $324.85

    Special Price: $309.85

    In stock

    Manufacturer PMC
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 230 Grain
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Use Type plinking at the range
    Casing Type Brass
    Quantity 1000
    Ammo Caliber 45 ACP (Auto)
    Manufacturer SKU 45A
    Primer Type Boxer
    UPC Barcode 90741569070228
    Cost Per Round 31.0¢ per round

    Shooters across the country are burning through cases of PMC ammunition and saving a ton of money in the process. PMC ammo is reliable and inexpensive, making it the perfect choice for range use. These .45 ACP cartridges come in a large 1,000 round case ideal for hardcore fans of 1911s and other guns chambered for this powerful caliber.

    Each cartridge in this case fires a heavy 230 grain full metal jacket bullet at a muzzle velocity of 830 feet per second. This is a somewhat lighter load than most defensive ammo and will produce moderate recoil.

    PMC ammunition is loaded in South Korea using non-corrosive Boxer primers and reloadable brass cases, both of which are produced in-house.

  27. Federal American Eagle 45 ACP 230 Grain FMJ - 1000 Rounds

    Regular Price: $360.00

    Special Price: $340.00

    In stock

    Manufacturer Federal
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 230 Grain
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Use Type plinking at the range
    Casing Type Brass
    Quantity 1000
    Ammo Caliber 45 ACP (Auto)
    Manufacturer SKU AE45A
    Primer Type Boxer
    UPC Barcode 029465585037
    Cost Per Round 34.0¢ per round

    This 1000 round bulk pack of .45 ACP from Federal is just what you need to fuel range sessions with your favorite 1911, HK45c, or M&P45. These American Eagle branded rounds are assembled using reloadable brass casings, clean-burning powder, non-corrosive Boxer primers, and 230 grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) projectiles. 230 grains is a standard weight for the .45 Auto caliber and will provide proper break in when testing a new pistol for feeding while also exposing the shooter to the typical recoil of most match and defensive ammo choices. These rounds can be expected to leave the muzzle at 890 feet-per-second which is great for subsonic use with suppressors.

    Federal is a long-trusted name in the shooting industry and has been responsible for making great strides in all aspects of hunting, law enforcement, and competition oriented ammunition. Their American Eagle line aims to bring consistent products to the budget conscious without skimping on component quality.

  28. Hornady .308 Diameter Bullets - 155 Grain HPBT MATCH W/C - 2000 Count

    Hornady .308 Diameter Bullets - 155 Grain HPBT MATCH W/C - 2000 Count

    Regular Price: $454.85

    Special Price: $424.95

    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 21.2¢ to 21.3¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 155 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 30 Caliber, 30-06, 300 AAC Blackout, 308 Win
    Quantity 2000
    Bullet Type Hollow-Point Boat Tail (HP-BT)
    Manufacturer Hornady
    Manufacturer SKU 3039C

    The .308 Winchester is one of the most successful and popular cartridges in the country. It was designed for speed, accuracy, and effective penetration, and it now holds a spot among top American hunting rounds. It’s used for a wide variety of game, including whitetail deer and black bear. However, if you’re going to reload your .308 cases, you need to first make sure you have the best bullets available.

    This box gives you 2,000 bullets that deliver tremendous speed and consistency. The 155-grain bullets have a hollow point design, which creates excellent terminal performance, as well as a boat tail, which helps it travel with greater accuracy. When loaded, these bullets can be used for hunting, but the manufacturer recommends them for match competition and training.

    Hornady is one of the leading ammo brands in the country. They have a wide variety of ammo choices for many different purposes, and create cartridges and reloading supplies for both handguns and rifles.

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