348 Bullets

You, good friend, are a fan of the 348 Winchester. Introduced in 1936 by Winchester (whodathunkit?), it is one of the best selling rimmed cartridges ever designed for a lever-action rifle. Like most lever action rounds the 348 Win is not a sharpshooter’s go-to, with a range best suited for taking game within 400 yards. Still, if you’re after big game where the woods or brush would make long distance shooting impossible anyway, the 348 Win will prove a great companion. It beats trekking out into bear country with nothing more than a jackknife.

The only problem is too few other shooters are as big a fan of the 348 Win as you are. But as a capable handloader, you possess the talent and tools needed to turn 150, 200, and 250 grain .348 diameter bullets into exceptional 348 Win hunting cartridges. And remember, with your .348 bullets at the ready you can also try your hand at crafting 348 Ackley Improved. You may even repurpose your 348 Win casings to make 8-348w Wildcat. That particular wildcat is a great way to re-chamber WWI era Lebel and Berthier rifles, which we have fortunately not needed since the abdication of Wilhelm II.

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