357 Sig Brass Casings

Load your own .357 SIG ammunition with our brass to save big on your shooting costs. For best results, keep a close eye on your headspacing and setback, as these are often sore points for reloaders of this particular cartridge.

You'll want some small pistol primers to reload the .357 SIG.

Starline, Jagemann, and Top Brass all make or recondition brass for the .357 SIG.

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  1. Jagemann Brass Casings 357 Sig New Unprimed – 100 Pieces


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    Primer Type Small Pistol
    Manufacturer SKU 11974

    Save yourself from the trouble of neck resizing with this new production, unprimed .357 SIG brass from Jagemann Sporting Group. "Jag Brass" is produced under match-grade tolerances that are tighter than SAAMI specifications. These rimless casings then undergo Vickers hardness testing as well as mercurial nitrite testing in order to confirm proper uniform density and corrosion resistance for long life throughout multiple reloading cycles. These brass casings are rated at a maximum pressure of 40,000 PSI.

    These casings are produced in Jagemann Stamping Company's plant in Wisconsin. Jagemann has experience dating back to 1946 and has always maintained a practice utilizing efficient processes coupled with expert knowledge and precision machinery. Their reputation for quality components has earned them many OEM supply contracts with the ammunition industry as well as the automotive, home hardware, and solar industries.

1 product(s)