243 Win Brass Casings

243 brass casings are a must-have component for the most discerning riflemen out there. If factory .243 Winchester ammo isn't quite giving you the results you want, try reloading your own. Use the 243 brass here with the bullets of your choice to create a fearsome deer or varmint load.

Although the .243 Win is a relatively small-caliber round, it is based on a necked-down .308 Winchester cartridge so you will need a large rifle primer for it.

Winchester, Lapua, and Hornady are just a few of the companies offering brass for the .243 Winchester for sale. Check out our in-stock line-up of once-fired and factory new brass below.

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  1. Nosler Brass Casings - 243 Winchester - New Unprimed - 50

    Nosler Brass Casings - 243 Winchester - New Unprimed - 50


    In stock

    Manufacturer Nosler Ammunition
    Ammo Caliber 243 Winchester
    Manufacturer SKU 10105
    Quantity 50

    With these brass cases, you’ll have the supplies you need for reliable and effective shooting. You’ll get 50 Nosler brass cases that are trimmed to length and weight sorted. All you’ll need is a primer, powder, and the bullet of your choice and you’ll be all set for a day in the field or at the gun range.

    Nosler began in 1948 by providing big game ammunition supplies. They are now one of the top manufacturers for hunting cartridges, bullets, and whole rounds. With supplies for target shooting and outdoor sports, Nosler can meet all of your needs.

    For many gun owners, the .243 Winchester is a favorite cartridge for hunting and target shooting. It’s extremely accurate, giving target shooters they precision they desire, but it’s also powerful, delivering the terminal ballistics that medium-game hunters need. This round is commonly used for harvesting animals like whitetail deer, wild hogs, pronghorn, and coyote. If you go through lots of .243 Winchester ammunition, you can save by loading your own cases.

1 product(s)