380 Auto Brass Casings

Reloading your own 380 ACP with these brass casings can yield big savings for those dedicated to training with their CCW handguns.

In addition to the brass available here, you'll also want to check out our selection of small pistol primers and FMJ bullets to load your own ammo.

Quality cases from Starline, Top Brass, and other companies offer an excellent starting point for handloaders.

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  1. Armscor Brass Casings - 380 ACP - New Unprimed - 500


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    Primer Type Boxer

    ¡Advertencia! These component cases are not loaded ammunition. Please do not order empty cases if you want ammo which you can fire with no assembly required!

    380 ACP ammunition gets scarce real fast whenever the market goes bananas. There are two big reasons for this: ammo manufacturers would rather invest raw materials into the production of more popular cartridges, and a lot of first-time gun buyers want something low recoil and easy to conceal.

    So what does the shrewd shooter do to ensure his constant supply of 380 Auto ammo? He stocks up on the components he needs to make his own – starting with a healthy supply of brass cases.

    These 500 brass cases were made by Armscor down in the Philippines. We don’t know much about the Philippines except that it’s hot and probably full of giant spiders, but we do know that Armscor is an ISO 9001 certified company with several decades of experience producing serviceable ammunition.

    These cases will make a good foundation for range and self-defense loads alike. You’ll even get to pick whichever type of primer you prefer, because Armscor has conveniently left these cases unprimed!

1 product(s)