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  1. D&H Industries SR-25 Magazine - 308 Win 20 Round - Black Steel


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    Magazine Capacity 20
    Firearms Platform SR-25
    Manufacturer SKU DHT-11848
    UPC Barcode R12292016816

    These reasonable priced SR-25 magazines from D&H Industries are highly regarded among shooters who love semi-automatic rifles chambered in .308 Winchester or 7.62 NATO. Each magazine has a maximum capacity of 20 rounds with a brightly colored follower; the distinct coloration makes it easy for a shooter to make certain of an empty magazine even once it's dirtied. D&H's self-lubricating, anti-tilt follower design glides smoothly for reliable feeding and function.

    The stamped steel magazine is built to last and comes coated with a strong black finish which resists rusts, enhances reloads, and ensures positive ejection. Because it is designed after the Knight's Armament Company pattern, this magazine will also fit in the KAC M110, LaRue OBR, and .308 pattern rifles from DPMS or Patriot Ordnance Factory. D&H's magazines are American made and derived from workmanship that has been refined throughout three decades of successfully fulfilling U.S. military contracts.

1 product(s)