7.5x55 Swiss Ammo

7.5x55mm Swiss ammo, also known as Schmidt-Rubin, is a large, powerful battle rifle cartridge used by the Swiss military for over a century. The large number Model 1889 rifles imported to the US makes this cartridge more commonly used among American gun owners than one might think. That's why we try to carry Swiss rounds in-stock here at Widener's.

7.5x55mm cartridges in the military GP11 specification (the type you'll most frequently find for sale here in the U.S.) fire a 174 grain full metal jacket bullet at 2,560 feet per second.

Surplus ammo of this type (typically made by RUAG) is often available in the United States but poses difficulties for many reloaders due to its use of Berdan primers. Handloaders wishing to avoid this problem have several options including factory ammo from Prvi Partizan and Hornady.

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